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Pinellas Technical College provides a variety of short courses that facilitate individuals, groups and institutions in meeting their near-term career, educational, and personal goals. Click "About Us" to learn more.

This course contains no sessions
Students will learn and practice several diagnostic and automotive maintenance and repair skills.

June 17-26, 2024, Pinellas Technical College
Business and Information Technology Summer Camp includes experiences in Basic Computer Skills, Accounting and Finance, Web Development, Network Support, .Net Programming, Computer Systems and Information Technology, and Cybersecurity.

June 17-20, 2024, Pinellas Technical College
Course provides students the skills required to effectively provide CPR, AED, and First Aid in emergency situations.

This course contains no sessions
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From Savory to sweet, students attending this Culinary Summer Camp will learn how to bake, stir fry, and grill culinary delights of all kinds.

June 3-27, 2024, Pinellas Technical College
Whether you are a budding professional or experienced supervisor, this course will provide you with the skills you need to be more confident and competent in your role as a leader.

This course contains no sessions
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Electronic Systems Integration & Automation Summer Camp, the innovative summer camp experience where participants will explore the world of wearable technology by creating their own LED sunglasses.

June 4-13, 2024, Pinellas Technical College
Nursing Summer Camp, students will learn allied health skills during interactive labs including Vital Signs, Inserting Foley Catheters, Measuring Intake and Output, Using Assistive Devices, Bed Making, Care of the Infant, Wound Care, Sterile Technique, and Medical Administration.

June 17-27, 2024, Pinellas Technical College
Participants will learn how to disassemble and/or assemble various custom pieces of furniture.

This course contains no sessions