Course Detail: SLTEXTENDED - Extended Supervisory Leadership Training

Elevate your leadership potential with our comprehensive Extended Supervisory Leadership Training program. Spanning several months, this program is innovatively designed to gradually unfold, integrating hands-on activities between sessions for a deeper, more impactful learning experience. Our course is crafted to refresh and enhance your leadership skills, arming you with cutting-edge techniques and strategies to effectively address contemporary challenges, catalyze sustainable change, and amplify employee productivity.

Throughout the 3 instructional days, broken up over the course of four months, we explore a diverse range of topics, offering insights and practical solutions tailored to today's dynamic work environment. As the course nears completion, participants are encouraged to set concrete, achievable goals, applying the newly acquired skills and practices to their professional lives. This goal-setting exercise ensures that the benefits of the course extend well beyond its duration.

To further solidify learning outcomes, participants will prepare a brief presentation in response to a simple yet insightful observational assignment. These presentations serve as a pivotal part of our last day debrief discussion, reinforcing key concepts and ensuring that they are not just theoretical knowledge but tools ready to be implemented in everyday work scenarios. This practical approach is pivotal in translating classroom learning into actionable steps, fostering meaningful and lasting changes within your organization.

In addition to the rich curriculum, our program emphasizes a personalized learning experience. Class sizes are intentionally kept small to ensure each participant receives adequate attention, fostering a conducive environment for discussion, individualized feedback, and in-depth exploration of subjects. This intimate setting also enables more direct interaction with instructors, allowing for a more tailored educational experience that aligns with each leader's unique needs and challenges.

By joining our Extended Supervisory Leadership Training program, you're not just signing up for a course; you're embarking on a transformative journey that will elevate your leadership capabilities and drive tangible, positive change in your organization.

Concepts and topics include:

  • Coaching and Motivation  
  • Delegating Effectively  
  • Leading through Change  
  • Inclusive Leadership  
  • Conflict Resolution  
  • Effective Listening  
  • Psychological Safety  
  • Leading Remotely  
  • Providing Meaningful Feedback  

Available Sessions

There are currently no scheduled offerings of this course, please check back at a later date.