Course Detail: SLT - Supervisory Leadership Training

This 3-day class is practical, engaging, and relevant for new supervisors and for experienced leaders seeking to update and refresh their skills. Participants attend class with supervisors from other public service organizations in a classroom structured to support learning not just from the instructors, but also from one another. This course is designed to make sure participants walk away with enhanced skills and new strategies to manage staff effectively, whether they're new to a supervisory role or have held those responsibilities for years. During our three days together, we'll cover a wealth of information. At the close of the three days, participants will set a goal for themselves about new skills/practices you want to implement following the training. They will also receive a simple, observational assignment that they can do while completing their normal supervisory work. Approximately a month after the course, participants will come back together for a 90-minute lunchtime discussion and report-out via Zoom. This session will be from 12pm-1:30pm. This added layer of accountability will ensure that what happens in the classroom actually translates to action in their day-to-day work.

Concepts and topics include:

  • Coaching and Motivation  
  • Delegating Effectively  
  • Leading through Change  
  • Inclusive Leadership  
  • Conflict Resolution  
  • Effective Listening  
  • Psychological Safety  
  • Leading Remotely  
  • Providing Meaningful Feedback  

Available Sessions