Course Detail: MONT - Monet | grades K-5

Explore the beautiful world of French painter Claude Monet. Discover Impressionism and the use of negative space in art composition, then create your own Impressionistic painting.

Parents/Guardians: Please send permission to school informing staff that your student will be staying after. Students will check in with EdVenture Club after school. 
Transportation: Westwood students will wait in front of the office to be walked/bussed to the class. 
Pick-up: All students will be picked up from EdVenture Club.

 Session Detail: YAPMONT01P22

Schedule: Tuesday May 17 | 1 session
Times: 03:45pm - 05:00pm
fee : $19.00


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EG Instructor

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Zimmerman Elementary
ZE Art Rm Door 6C
25959 West 4th St
Zimmerman, MN 55398

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ZE Art Rm Door 6C