Course Detail: BS34 - Basic Skills 3/4+ | age 6+

Basic Skills is a progressive, 6-level program that teaches the foundation for figure skating, hockey and speed skating. Basic 3-6 develop the fundamental skating skills, focusing on basic athleticism, agility, balance, coordination and speed. Basic 3 skaters learn basic fundamental moves through a series of progression, stroking, half swizzle pumps, moving two-foot turns, backward one-foot glides, backward snowplow stops, forward slalom and pivots. Basic 4+ offers beginning advance level skills; figure skates are required as toe pick is used. Skills include inside and outside edges, crossovers, backward half swizzle pumps, backward one-foot glides, beginning two-foot spin, and forward lunges. Basic 4+ covers levels 4-6; each level requires a higher ability of figure skating. Students will be divided into groups according to skill level. Skaters should wear warm pants, jacket and gloves.

Available Sessions