Course Detail: Supporting At-Risk Young Learners and Their Families

This course is designed to help Early Childhood Educators gain strategies to reach and teach young children who are at risk of not meeting their potential. Participants will learn the internal and external factors that place a child at risk, how heredity and environment affect a child's development, the characteristics of various risk factors, and interventions for each risk factor. A major emphasis will be on the family's influence on the child's development and how Early Childhood Educators can work with families to support their child's growth in all areas of development.

 Program Detail: 23OE-APVSAR-01V

Schedule: This is an asynchronous, start when you like, work at your own pace, executive education training program. Please note that this course does not have a start and end time. You will have 6 months to complete the program from the date of registration.
Times: 12:00am-11:59pm EDT
Regular Registration : $305.00


Please note: You have six months from the date of enrollment to complete your studies. Successful completion of these courses qualifies the student for CEUs only. Courses do not qualify for academic credit from Georgia Southern University.


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