Course Detail: AVIO - Avionics


The Avionics Course introduces engineers and technicians to modern avionics. The course begins with the evolution of avionics technologies and the regulatory and advisory organizations that followed as the needs of the field developed. Early, now legacy avionics systems, are covered as an aid to introduce associated technologies such as charting and navigation. Although many legacy systems are slated to be reduced, their role becomes one of a backup and understanding those systems is important. The majority of the course is dedicated to the latest avionics systems that will be used in the implementation of Performance-Based Navigation, PBN, and Required Navigation Performance.

In addition to navigation, communications and surveillance systems will be introduced to complete the "Communications, Navigation, Surveillance" or CNS structure of avionics.

Who Should Attend

Because avionics is the future of the airline industry, professionals working in various capacities across the aviation industry can benefit from this knowledge including:

  • New engineers or technicians that are employed in the avionics field
  • Avionics engineers or technicians that may not be familiar with the latest avionics technologies
  • Those involved in avionics design, production, marketing or sales 

Course Objectives

After completing this course you should be able to demonstrate a comprehensive and broad-based understanding of:

  • Evolution of the avionics industry and the regulatory and advisory organizations of today.
  • Introduction or review of fields and waves and electromagnetic compatibility
  • Fundamentals of navigation, WGS-84 earth model
  • Terrestrial radio-based navigation systems for enroute, approach and landing
  • Global navigation satellite systems, GNSS, with emphasis on GPS
  • Augmentation systems for GNSS, space-based and ground-based
  • Surveillance systems including mode-S, TCAS, and ADS-B
  • Communications systems including terrestrial radio, SATCOM, and wired systems

Attendees Said...

"It has often been said that aviation, and avionics in particular, has its own unique language of abbreviations and acronyms. This course will demystify some of that strange language and give insight on how the systems work."

"The instructor's grasp of the subject matter was exceptional!"

Cancellation Policy

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Coronavirus Information

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