Instructor: Albert Helfrick

Albert Helfrick

Dr. Albert Helfrick has over 50 years of experience in the avionics field. He has designed, or led the design of airborne navigation, communications and surveillance, CNS, systems in addition to ramp and shop test equipment. Dr. Helfrick has written several books including Avionics Test Equipment, Principles of Avionics, Electrical Spectrum and Network Analyzers, and Modern Aviation Electronics. His books include every communication and navigation system, plus the latest spaced-based avionics. Dr. Helfrick is also well-known as an avionics test equipment designer, consultant to FAA, and frequent speaker at the Digital Avionics Conference.

Courses by this instructor

The Avionics Course introduces engineers and technicians to modern avionics including Performance-Based Navigation (PBN), and Required Navigation Performance (RNP). 

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December 9-13, 2024, Boeing Center for Aviation & Aerospace Safety (Daytona Beach Campus, FL)