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This two day course aims to equip participants with knowledge and experience necessary to be able to perform first level ergonomic evaluations in office and non-office environments. Participants will learn to identify ergonomic risk factors, evaluate manual materials handling tasks, develop recommendations, and validate solutions aimed to reduce ergonomic related risk factors.

This course contains no sessions
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This course is designed to introduce the participant to advanced accident investigation procedures involving design, materials, and aircraft performance.

May 10-14, 2021, Robertson Safety Institute (Prescott Campus, AZ)
A detailed analysis of the aircraft accident environment with particular emphasis on survivability factors is provided in this course at the ERAU Prescott Campus.

October 11-15, 2021, Robertson Safety Institute (Prescott Campus, AZ)
OSHA 10-Hour Outreach General & Healthcare Industry course is your orientation to occupational safety and health. As part of OSHA's Outreach Training program to raise awareness about the safety measures under OSHA 29 CFR 1910, this course will help teach you how to improve workplace safety.

February 2-3, 2021, Robertson Safety Institute