Certificate Detail: AVECERT - Aviation Essentials Certificate in collaboration with iPADIS

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About the Program

The Aviation Essentials Certificate features four unique online, self-paced modules encompassing aircraft, airports, aviation, and aerospace. The four modules focus on history, critical issues, current, near-term, and future outlooks for each topic. The Aviation Essentials Certificate may be fulfilled through the four-modules course, or through completion of all four separate courses. View the IPADIS partnership Aviation Essentials Certificate program details.

preflight preparation of the aircraft for departure. Conceptual representation of the use of modern technology and artificial intelligence to prepare the aircraft without human intervention

Who Should Attend

Anyone whose career necessitates an understanding of the basics of the Aviation Industry, to include:

  • Airline managers
  • Airport operations managers (including airside and landside development)
  • Airport/aviation directors
  • Employees of Aviation/Aerospace Companies
  • Anyone interested in the Aviation industry

Key Topics

The Aviation Essentials Certificate is divided into 4 modules covering key areas of the Aviation Industry:

Repair and maintenance of aircraft jet engine with hood open on the wing.
  • Aircraft Module
  • Airport Module
  • Aviation Module
  • Aerospace Module

Course Specifics

  • When: The AAC 1000 course is open enrollment and you may register at any time. Students have 90 days to complete all 4 modules within the course.
  • Where: Online. This course is self-paced and self-guided.
  • Enrollment: Session enrollment may be initiated via Aviation Essentials in conjuction with IPADIS, AAC 1000 ($400)
  • Stand Alone Modules (as 4 separate courses)

    For session information and enrollment into separate modules as courses, visit these Aviation Essentials course pages:


    This certificate contains no courses