Course Detail: O_CONSI - Remote - A Course on Bliss and Other Nonordinary States of Consciousness

The subject of bliss, flow, and other peak states are common experiences, and yet we view them as rare and coming out of nowhere. Why? What conditions or triggers produce them? Is it possible to experience bliss more often? How are they like, or unlike, therapeutic psychedelic experiences? Is psychedelic therapy more beneficial than natural highs, or is that claim just hype or misinformation? What is a mystical experience? What is trance? Why is bliss a mostly nonverbal experience? And if that's the case, how is it that teachers and actors experience verbal states of bliss? This course presents essential but overlooked research on extreme positive states and theories from William James, Abraham Maslow, Mihalyi Cziksentmihalyi, Robin Carhart-Harris, Aldous Huxley, Alan Watts and others, as discussed in the instructor's forthcoming book, The Mechanics of Bliss. New remote course. Format includes lecture and discussion.

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Schedule: Every week on Wednesday, starting on 06/26/24 and ending on 07/31/24
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