Course Detail: O_DOC - In-Person - The Documentary Gem

Watching a good documentary is like reading a non-fiction book that reads like fiction-it grabs your attention and keeps it. The best documentaries avoid the pitfalls of "Just the facts, Ma'am." (For those of you who remember Joe Friday). And this is because the filmmakers have the wherewithal to capture the unique character or circumstance without trying to manipulate. The result is a film that is compelling, exciting, and profound. NOTE: This is a 3-hour class with a break after the film-we'll watch the film, then discuss the content, the characters, and the world they inhabit. Each week's story will take you on a real-life adventure both visceral and palpable. We'll also learn a little about the filmmakers behind the scenes. One film example: Free Solo. New in-person course. Format includes discussion and film.

Course Pre-requisites
(required) OLLI Membership 2024-2025

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Schedule: Every week on Monday, starting on 06/17/24 and ending on 07/22/24
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Times: 12:30pm-03:30pm EDT
OLLI Course : $60.00


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Gail Worster

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Wishcamper Center
44 Bedford St.
Portland, ME 04101