Course Detail: O_ELECT - In-Person - The Electoral College /History and Biases

This workshop will utilize a number of excerpts from published pieces, extracts from the U.S. Constitution, census data, and the current distribution of Electors, current reform proposals to make the case that what may have seemed wise to our founding fathers has the ring of unfairness/bias in today's world. At the same time reform is difficult at best--unlikely in todays polarized world. New in-person workshop. Format includes lecture and discussion.

Course Pre-requisites
(required) OLLI Membership 2024-2025

 Session Information: OPSUM24_IP_WS_ELECT (8 seats (27%) remaining)

Schedule: Every week on Friday, starting on 07/12/24 and ending on 07/26/24
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Times: 09:30am-11:30am EDT
OLLI Workshop Long $30 : $30.00


Name Additional Resources
Orlando Delogu

Facility Detail

Wishcamper Center
44 Bedford St.
Portland, ME 04101