Instructor: Irwin Novak
No image available Biography: Irwin Novak is Professor Emeritus of Geology at USM, focused on Oceanography, Geomorphology, and Glacial Geology. He researched the geology of Maine and of Greece using satellite imagery. He earned his PhD from Cornell University, MS from the University of Florida, and BA from Hunter College. He has taught USM courses on Lesvos Island, Greece.

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This course explores the interaction of earth materials, processes, and time that shaped New England and Maine. It focuses on the specific types of minerals, rocks, and the physical and chemical means that molded the landscape and provided our geological resources. Special emphasis is given to the bedrock foundation and surficial constituents and the river, glacial, and wave actions that have been the prime movers in determining what we see today. No prior geology is required.

September 12, 2017 to October 31, 2017, Wishcamper Center (1 seats (3%) remaining)