Course Detail: O_OBOC24 - In-Person - One Book, One Community 2024 - Downeast

The Book: Downeast: Five Maine Girls and the Unseen Story of Rural America by Gigi Georges, Ph.D. Harper Collins, 2021. Also available in paperback and through your public library.The Community: USM OLLI MembersDr. Georges, who has a home in Downeast Maine, spent four years from 2016 to 2020 interviewing and getting to know five teenage girls living in three coastal towns in Washington County. Downeast reports on the challenges facing those coastal communities and the choices the girls make between honoring the traditions of Downeast Maine while navigating their own paths.Dr. Georges will join us at Wishcamper to discuss the book and introduce OLLI members to one of the girls we meet in the book, now a mature young woman. Participants will attend an opening lecture by Dr. Georges, followed by facilitated breakout discussion groups and lunch. The event will conclude with a panel discussion.Participants must register for the event and are responsible for obtaining the book. There will be a $50 charge, which will cover lunch and the speakers' fees and transportation costs.

Course Pre-requisites
(required) OLLI Membership 2023-2024

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