Course Detail: O_BIGBANG - Big Bang, Then What?

"Recorded history" meanshistory written in human language. But the rest of history since the Big Bang -the other 99.99996 %, or "big history" - is also recorded. It is written inelectromagnetic radiation, chemical elements and their isotopes, interstellarmolecules, stars and their planets, galaxies and their clusters. Let's explorethe aftermath of the Big Bang by the scientific method of deciphering bighistory as written in Nature, from the simplest matter and energy to their mostcomplex forms: life. No scientific background is required. Resource: YouTube. Format: weekly sessions where we watch anddiscuss. More information at

Course Pre-requisites
(required) OLLI Membership 2020-2021

Available Sessions

March 15, 2021 to May 3, 2021, Zoom (No seats currently available, may only waitlist)