Instructor: Dennis Mitchell


Dennis Mitchell is a business owner, church musician, songwriter, and volunteer at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa.

Classes by this instructor

You may have heard the expression "It's a dog's life," but you've never heard "It's a cat's life." Consider the evolution of the domestic cat and the vast impact cats have on our society. Plan to enjoy looking at life from a cat's point of view. Hear tips on how we can make life better for cats and for ourselves in dealing with them. Music and an appeal to help control the huge feral population are parts of this short course.
If you are a "cat-lover," do you limit yourself to house cats? How about the other 39 kinds of cats in the world, like tigers, cougars, panthers, etc? There are as many as 10,000 privately owned tigers in America, as well as many other wild cats who are "pets." Learn how this came about plus many amazing facts about these beautiful predators.