Instructor: Jean Keelan


Jean Keelan, MS, NCC, IMH, is the director of career planning in the Career Services Department at the University of South Florida. She is certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors, and is currently seeking licensure in the state of Florida and as a Registered Intern of Mental Health. Throughout her career, Jean has delivered administrative, counseling, coaching and instructional services to students, supporting their overall success. She also has worked with adults in private practice settings to improve some aspect of their lives.She received her bachelor of arts degree in English with a minor in psychology and a master of science degree in educational psychology, both from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

Classes by this instructor

Managing with emotional intelligence in the workplace has many benefits: employee satisfaction, increased productivity and a healthy work environment. This interactive course will engage participants in practicing emotional intelligence management techniques by identifying and defining how it can positively impact the work environment.

During this course, participants will:
  • Define Emotional Intelligence
  • Identify both productive and non-productive attitudes and behaviors in the workplace
  • Increase awareness of their own levels of Emotional Intelligence
  • Create a success plan for using Emotional Intelligence in the workplace to create a more productive and healthy work environment