The certificate program for Safety & Health Fundamentals supports OSHA's mission by training employees in occupational safety and health to reduce incident rates for workers in state and local governments. Although this program was primarily designed for employees, it is available for anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of occupational safety and health.

Participants must complete a minimum of seven courses, comprised of required and elective courses, that include a minimum of 77 contact hours of training through OTI Education Center courses to earn the certificate in Safety & Health Fundamentals for Maritime Industry.

Participants must complete the three Required Courses as listed here for a minimum of 48 contact hours of training. Participants must complete a minimum of four Elective Courses from the Maritime Industry list that includes a minimum of 29 contact hours of training.

Courses for the certificate program for Safety & Health Fundamentals can be taken with any of the OSHA Training Institute (OTI) Education Centers nationwide qualify.

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Monday, June 30, 2025, For the certificate program, you can start taking courses and train at your
own pace during the three years it takes to complete the required coursework.