Learn advanced imaging techniques for facial reconstructions and rendering age progressed adults.

Work with advanced tools for creating realistic facial wrinkles, hair loss, and skin sags.

Practice techniques for facial reconstruction of unidentified deceased from post-mortem images, clothing reconstructions, and photo restoration & manipulation - great tools for Cold Cases!

Topics also cover basic drawing skills for facial reconstructions and Photoshop for computerized renderings. Learn how decomposition alters the appearance of the face affecting your renderings and how to make effective posters and media strategies for engaging public leads.

This course uses Photoshop and teaches students how to manipulate photographs (i.e. Postmortem images of unknown persons to make composites for public viewing), age progression/regression for facial reconstructions, clothing and artifact photographic reconstructions and composite facials for skeletal remains. It is intended for professional forensic artists.

This course is also hands on – work on actual case studies.

Visit to our outdoor research facility to better understand how human decomposition affects post-mortem changes related to forensic art and facial reconstructions.

Class meets 9:00am – 5:00pm.

(40 credit hours)

Limited Seating!

This course contains no sessions
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