DCAC-201 Culturally Responsive Training Series-Assessing Personal Perspectives

GKT ELS & Essay

How do our personal perspectives shape the way we view our students and their communities? Teachers' beliefs and attitudes greatly affect classroom instruction, activities, and student success. Beliefs are our assertions about the world and what we perceive as truth, which in turn, can influence our attitudes. Both beliefs and attitudes guide our actions. In this course, we explore our unique histories, beliefs, and attitudes. Then we examine how these ideas and resulting actions impact our teaching practices and student outcomes.

  • Reflecting on Reflection Practices and Experiences
  • Reflecting on Personal Identities
  • Personal Identity and Socio-Educational Issues
  • Identity and Socio-Educational Issues Continued
  • Transcending to Courageous Conversation
  • Socio-Educational Issues in Context
  • What Now?

This course contains no sessions

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