DCAC-101 Differentiated Instruction

GKT ELS & Essay

Differentiation refers to a teachers' response to the diverse needs of learners through preparation, planning, and adaptation of classroom instruction. This six-module online course provides participants with an overview of differentiation through the exploration of research-based strategies, discussions, and meaningful activities and interactions, culminating in the creation of a subject area specific differentiated lesson plan. The content throughout this course assists teachers in learning to assess student needs, measure student growth, and create opportunities for differentiation including classroom organization, lesson planning, resources and assessments within any subject area or grade level.

  • Defining Differentiation
  • Inclusive Classroom Practices
  • Assessing Student Needs and Interests
  • Opportunities for Differentiation
  • Applying and Assessing Differentiation
  • Creating a Differentiated Classroom

**Please get PRE-APPROVAL from the Florida Department of Education if you choose this course for the Students with Disabilities requirement.**

This course contains no sessions

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