In many cases law enforcement obtains information about buried bodies. They may be under concrete, in a backyard, or in a much larger rural area. How do you search large amounts of space effectively? What methods are available? What critical questions to ask your informant or witnesses? How do you document multiple searches and large amount of data over multiple years of investigation? How is 3D laser scanning, historic imagery, GPR, GIS, and GoogleEarth relevant?

This short course is designed to provide classroom instruction and hands on fieldwork looking for buried remains. Participants will do fieldwork to search an area and learn how to effectively use ground-penetrating radar (GPR). We will not excavate burials - a follow up week-long course on buried bodies will be offered in spring 2018 to learn excavation techniques. This is a great course for recent missing person investigations or long term missing and cold cases. Detectives with open buried body cases are encouraged to bring them for discussion with course instructors.

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