The investigation of violent crime is one of the most challenging yet critical duties in law enforcement. This 40-hour week-long course is designed for detectives with less than five years experience who investigate crimes against persons. The course covers how to conduct death investigations, strategies for interviewing, homicide protocols, and assisting and dealing with living victims, among other topics. The course makes use of lectures, films, small group discussion, case studies and analysis. Particular attention is given to teaching detectives what resources are available to them, how to get the most from scientific experts, and how to be prepared for court.


  • Investigative approaches to death
  • Sexual assault
  • Homicide protocols
  • Prosecution perspectives, trial prep,
  • Forensic science overview and giving testimony
  • Interview techniques
  • Building a case through cell phone
  • Forensic pathology & death investigation
  • Decomposition & time of death
  • Understanding crimes against children
  • Why do cases go cold?
  • Understanding and dealing with victims

This course contains no sessions
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