Mobile Device

Explore the world of Android phone apps. Learn about the vast range of easily downloadable apps for travel, education, entertainment, banking, investing, photography and much, much more! Learn to use and assess your downloaded apps: you should be familiar with basic phone functions. Bring your Android smartphone that is less than 2 years old to work on and enjoy in this course. Your device might be manufactured by LG, Ericsson, Samsung, LTE, Motorola, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, Alcatel, AT&T or others. Skill Level B
Love to travel? Your smart device, along with some smart little apps, can help you plan the perfect trip and make the most of the places you visit. Going to a new city? Apps can suggest restaurants, lodging and places to visit. Discover great apps for U.S. travel. Explore apps such as TripIt, Google Translate, TripAdvisor and others. Bring your fully charged and updated smartphone (iPhone or Android) and/or iPad to class for hands-on exploration. Skill Level B

Social media dominates the news and increasingly the lives of those around us, especially our younger family and friends. Sit back and watch or dive in as we play with four popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Learn how each works, what the desktop and mobile interfaces look like, how to set up an account and find friends. We'll also discuss privacy and other security concerns associated with each of these apps. SKILL LEVEL A
Explore the Notes app which enables you to collect all your thoughts, images, videos, links, lists, locations and more all in one place, and sync them across all your Apple devices. We will plan a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a favorite city as an in-class project. Bring your own iPad or iPhone: larger screens are preferable! Your iDevices should be updated to iOS 9 (for older iPads) and iOS 11 for the rest: iOS 11 adds some neat features to Notes! Bring your fully charged device to class. Skill Level B

Want to become more proficient in using your iPhone? We'll review your iPhone's basic features and build on them so that you will eventually take command of your phone. We will work with Settings, Notifications, Messages, Siri, Contacts, Mail, Safari, Calendar, Cameras, Photos, Music, Maps, the Apple Store and much more. Note: you must have an iPhone 5S or newer with the latest operating system, iOS 11, installed and updated. Bring your fully-charged phone to class. Skill Level A & B
The most popular camera in the world is in your iPhone. Discover your iPhone's photo and video-shooting capabilities so that you can take billboard-quality shots. Learn key steps to better iPhone photography, then practice editing your photos using photo editing extensions available from the App Store. iPad owners will also benefit from this course. Bring your iPhone 5S or newer, updated to the iOS 11.x operating system. Bring your own charged and updated deviceSKILL LEVEL B

Need friendly, one-on-one help with, or advice on your technology? Bring in your smartphone, tablet (Apple/Android), or your laptop (Mac/Windows), and give our friendly tech instructors a chance to assess the issue, help you resolve it and even show you a few things about your device. We'll schedule a one hour appointment with you where we provide simple coaching on one device or a specific application, or help you resolve those burning "why does that happen when I do this" conundrums. We will not be repairing devices. All Skill Levels
Another September, another iOS! Learn what's new with iOS version 11 for your iPad and iPhone. New features like persistent dock, Instant Markup, Instant Notes, Indoor Maps, QuickType keyboard, and Siri translation will be covered. Bring your fully charged iDevice updated to iOS 11. Note: Only iPhones 5 or newer, iPads 4th generation or newer, or iPad Minis 3 or newer will benefit from this class, as those are the only iDevices which can install iOS 11.