Imagine having access to data on your iMac, iPad or iPhone from anywhere. You've imagined iCloud! Changes to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes or Reminders on one device can be seen on your other connected devices. Gain access to documents and desktops, locate lost Apple devices, check passwords and Internet bookmarks. Learn how to use Apple Wallet too. Bring up to two fully charged and updated Apple devices to class. For iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 4th generation or newer and Mac laptops with OS El Capitan or newer.


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Your stories will almost write themselves with Book Creator for iPad ($4.99 at the App Store). Record your travelogue while you travel and see your words transcribed: no need to type. Insert photos, movies, graphics and music or sounds. Include your own drawings. Publish, keep or share your finished ebook. Videos which supplement the hands-on segments will help you review class work. Bring your fully charged and updated iPad to class with the Book Creator app installed.


Microsoft Word is an easily learned but very powerful program. It can help you produce documents that are attractive, interesting and easily read. Simple projects will help you conquer the basics: then learn to add interesting elements, including changing the arrangement of the page and adding different fonts, colors, and pictures. OLLI's lab computers will be used.


Join this global online community, or at least learn more about it. This hands-on workshop will walk you through the basics: updating your profile, finding friends and ways to interact with them, sharing photos and online content, and exploring basic privacy and security. You must be generally familiar with using the Internet and have a Facebook account. You will be working on OLLI's computers. Please bring a thumb drive with personal and generic photos.