Computer Training

The "Safe and Secure Online" program is offered through the Center for Cyber Safety and Education , a non-profit charitable trust that aims to empower the public to secure their online life by supporting cyber security education and awareness in the community. This presentation, developed for older adults, covers topics such as identification of and protection from online scams, social networking safety, online identity and image protection, and computer safety.


Develop confidence and solve your Windows 10 computer mysteries! We'll discuss navigating some settings, data backup and recovery, routine maintenance, networking, and ways of solving common problems. Learn how to update hardware, and use third-party programs to act as your simplified agent to maintain the system, along with gaining insight into the Windows 10 operating system (OS). You should be familiar with Windows 7 or higher.


Upgrade your previous Windows experience to get the most out of the new Windows 10 operating system. Reacquaint yourself with Settings, the navigation pane, meet Cortana, and the new Edge browser. Learn about newer features, such as the expanded Windows ribbons and apps and how to customize your PC. Conduct routine maintenance with disk cleanup and defragmentation. You will be working on OLLI's lab computers in this course.