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This course presents a fun, concise overview of the financial markets. We will discuss the history and basics of investing, tax and estate planning and the fundamentals of managing your own investment portfolio. Learn about the forces that influence market direction while challenging conventional Wall Street wisdom. Update your understanding of tax and estate laws in order to help you prepare for April 15th. Learn ways to protect and preserve your wealth for you and your beneficiaries. No specific financial products are discussed or sold.
Are you reluctant or even afraid to stand up and speak in front of a group? Learn to speak like a pro using mind-mapping technology and storytelling. You may not even need your notes. Practice crafting your speech with stories and then deliver it informally to a group that you can be sure will be on your side.

This course contains no sessions

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Build your strength and endurance through fun movements. Stretch, lift, breathe and practice balance in a series of standing exercises designed to help you improve your posture, reduce your risk for falls, and even improve your bone density. Invest in your health in a personalized and medically supervised non-gym atmosphere.