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Electives, Lifestyles

Easter Island in the South Pacific, the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador and Machu Picchu in Peru - join Bruce Gobioff for a fascinating armchair-travel experience of these exotic locations. Submerse yourself in the region's history, geography and teeming wildlife: an enchanting exploration which includes the instructor's personal photos, stories and videos from numerous trips.
Keep it simple, make it fun. That applies to strategies for healthy living and coping with the issues of our time, such as stress, toxins and processed foods. Sugar seems to be everywhere. It adversely affects our bodies and can lead to inflammation and disease. Discover how to eliminate sugar from your diet. Simplify the struggle against high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Learn which foods help us thrive. Hear how to tap your natural energy and thrive from this moment forward.
The Tampa Bay Time Bank is a community skills exchange, an egalitarian way for members to exchange services as a complement to the cash economy. All activities are valued equally, whether you are taking out someone's trash or offering dermatology services. If you do something for an hour for another member, you're entitled to withdraw an hour from the time bank. Learn about the benefits of time banking, hear examples (such as car pooling), and get help signing up. Bring a laptop or iPad if possible in addition to the device you use to sign in to Zoom.
People often express the desire to have some control over the conditions of their end stage of life. But laws can make these decisions confusing and difficult. Learn about the pertinent Florida laws and to what degree they permit people to take control of their end of life experience. We will discuss current state of Florida forms, including advance directives, designation of a healthcare surrogate and living wills. There will be an opportunity to practice your important "Conversations" with your family and physicians.
You've heard about the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation -- now it's time to do it! The gentle poses you will practice are designed specifically to stretch muscles, strengthen bones and bring flexibility to the joints. Yoga helps improve body posture, ease of movement and balance. Mindfulness and meditation help relieve stress, relax the body and quiet the mind. Get ready to improve your health while also having fun.
If you like to cook, you can learn to brew your own beer. Start with some simple equipment and a few ingredients. Mash, boil, ferment and bottle in your kitchen. In a couple of weeks you'll be drinking a healthy beverage made from quality ingredients for less cost than commercial beers - and looking forward to perfecting your next recipe and sharing it with friends.
Join Jennifer Leavy, certified yoga therapist for a four week course on breath-work and meditation. Watch and follow recorded sessions at your leisure then join live, online follow-up sessions to meet with your group, ask questions and discuss the recorded sessions. Experience stress relief as well as peace and calm in your day to day life.

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Promote your mental well-being with mind fitness. Explore the creative and healing aspects of loving attention. Through a combination of mindfulness, self hypnosis, and meditation practices discover ways to develop calmness, resilience and peace of mind, especially in these challenging and stressful times.
After his first "Favorite Places" course drew a sellout crowd and rave reviews, veteran OLLI instructor and longtime international broadcast consultant George Hyde went to work on the sequel. Now it's here, with seven dynamic new destinations that you may not have considered visiting, but which are uniquely engaging, photogenic, and stimulating for novice and veteran travelers alike.
Pranayama is the tradition of controlling the breath practiced in India for centuries, where breathing techniques are used alone or with yoga postures to prepare the body and mind for meditation. It can also help in reducing blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression and poor sleep. In this introductory class, the students will learn breathing techniques and an introduction to meditation.

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As the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 continues to play out in our lives, you may have a fresh appreciation of the importance of keeping one finger on the pulse of populations globally. Learn how the study and practice of Population Health and health improvement aims to help us be safe in this porous, interconnected world.