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What is DNA? How is DNA-based life first created? Could there be DNA-based life elsewhere in the universe? Why does life evolve? What does DNA have to do with spirituality? This course explains DNA's place in "Big History" and will help prepare you to think about how DNA has made you become who you are. The 40-page illustrated text, Big History's DNA, forms the basis of this course and will be provided.
Aging in place, at home, is how most of us would prefer to live out our days. Learn about emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, care robots, voice-activated devices and telemedicine, which hold great promise to improve the aging experience and to keep you in your home for as long as possible. Learn how to discern quality service and value in this marketplace. Explore the tools and insights you need to make informed choices for you, your caregivers and your loved ones.
Discover what scientists are learning about our incredibly beautiful, potentially deadly, and largely unknown universe. Cybersecurity: it is a threat to lose sleep over? Evolution: you have a lot more "relatives" than you ever dreamt about. Be astonished with what makes our bodies human. Take a peek at archaeological discoveries on earth, under the sea, and from outer space. Explore some "Weird Science" to decide if UFO's and Bigfoot are myths, delusions or something ... real.
Embark on a cosmic journey as we explore our amazing universe, starting in our own Solar System then traveling deeper into space. Enjoy stunning cosmic images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope as we travel 14 billion years into the past to learn about the Big Bang and the evolution of the universe. Along the way, we will encounter fascinating objects such as supernovas, neutron stars and black holes. Our journey ends with the most mysterious stuff in the universe: dark matter and dark energy.

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HIV, Herpes, Influenza, Ebola, West Nile Fever, Dengue and infections endemic to Florida - all are viruses. What is it about their structure that leads us to label them this way? How do they interact with the body to cause disease? How does the human body combat viruses? How can we use what we have learned to get viruses to work for us? Enlarge your understanding and dispel a few myths.