Science & Nature

What is DNA? How is DNA-based life first created? Could there be DNA-based life elsewhere in the universe? Why does life evolve? What does DNA have to do with spirituality? This course explains DNA's place in "Big History" and will help prepare you to think about how DNA has made you become who you are. The 40-page illustrated text, Big History's DNA, forms the basis of this course and will be provided.
Coral reefs around the globe are in serious jeopardy. They are under attack from numerous natural and man-made threats, and The Florida Aquarium is determined to keep them alive. First, we will watch the Netflix documentary Chasing Coral as a discussion starter for an in-depth study of coral. Find out about The Florida Aquarium's coral restoration work, and how it hopes to save some of the endangered species. Learn what you can do to help save one of Florida's most valuable natural assets.
Summer in Florida is sea turtle season. Although sea turtles are present year-round, summer is when they coexist with us along our shorelines. Sea turtles are most vulnerable during nesting season, when they need our help most! Through lecture and hands-on activities, learn about the species of sea turtles that live in Florida, understand their nesting process, and discover how turtles and nests are protected. We'll also learn about The Florida Aquarium's sea turtle rehabilitation program.
Learn about accepted, nonpolitical scientific information regarding the relationship of fossil fuel energy utilization to greenhouse gas formation and, by association, to global warming. We will examine and challenge the facts, the data and the models to enable you to arrive at your own conclusions about global warming and climate change. You also will be able to engage confidently in social discussion on the topic. No scientific or technical background is assumed or required.