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Political Science, Current Events

Is our democracy broken? History offers hope. Consider five pivotal cases in U.S. history from three centuries as decision makers would have, through background briefing on the issues. Read the case (about 30 pages each) on your own; in class, analyze and wrestle with the issues and options decision makers faced. Experience history in a more immersive way and emerge with a greater appreciation of the strengths, weaknesses and resilience of American democracy. Required text is Democracy: A Case Study by David Moss ($20).

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Forecasts predict that unemployment could reach 32% by the end of the second quarter this year. The unemployment rate reported on the first Friday of May is likely to be over 10%. What will happen to the GDP, National Income, Federal Budget Deficit and the National Debt? When will things start to return to normal? We will explore these topics in a two-session lecture.
The 2020 election will reach a critical point with the Democratic Convention. We will preview the convention and cover the details and results. We will profile the Democratic nominees for president and vice president and discuss the major current domestic and international issues. We will also discuss the events that we believe will shape the general election race.
Are there any new developments affecting the Republican National Convention? Stay tuned as we consider and contrast the candidates and set the stage for the final push into the heart of the election season.
Coverage and analysis of the 2020 election continues in this four-week session to update the state of the race, including the results of the Democratic primaries to date, and see if there is a clear candidate. We will also cover hot issues and developments that will affect the conventions and the lead-up to the party conventions in the summer.

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Like a few other friends and allies of the United States, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prompts controversy. It is clearly not a democracy, but neither is it a police state or a one-man dictatorship. What are its guiding principles? Learn about the country from an OLLI member who served four years there as a senior US diplomat.