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Humanities and the Arts

Continue practicing speaking Italian in this third level course. Say ciao to some grammar and insights into the people and culture of l'Italia Bella. If you did not take the first or second level Italian courses with us but have a solid understanding of Italian, you may want to try this as long as you are willing to put in extra effort. Required text: Learn Italian the Fast and Fun Way, 4th ed., by Danesi, $29.99.
Learn about and discuss the bewildering array of topics that generate ethical questions in our culture: the anti-vaxxer movement, women's issues, end of life, transgender and LGBTQ, electronic management of controlled substances, and use and legalization of CBD medical marijuana. Share personal experiences if you wish.
Do you love to listen to poems read aloud with skill and feeling? Have you ever wished you had the confidence to read a poem aloud, revealing meaning, expressing feeling and bringing delight to your listeners? This class will give you some basic techniques and skills that will add another dimension to your enjoyment of poetry. Bring copies of a favorite poem to the first meeting and begin immediately to explore your new skills.

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The golden age of musical films produced several movies that are familiar to everyone, but some musicals were considered experimental in their day and are not so well known. Let's look at two of the most beloved golden age musical films, Oklahoma! (1955) and The Music Man (1962) and two that were experimental, Hair (1979) and the English film, Oh! What a Lovely War (1969). View a film a week at home, then come together online each week to discuss.
Also known as Carnatic music, this style stems from Vedic times about 2500 years BCE. Raga are the scales, Tala are rhythmic patterns and Bhava are moods. Through lecture, video and audio clips, and live demonstration, learn about composers, instrumental style, improvisational forms, and the cultural and spiritual background of this music. You may end up trying the claps, finger counting and flip of the hand yourself.
Tap your inner artist, your wisdom and your authentic self with the practice of watercolor. No experience necessary. Learn techniques that will help create beautiful art and lead to more mindful living. Discover a different theme in each session in this course based on cutting edge research in the arts and human development. In-class exercises encourage vision, self expression and reflection. Students will need a watercolor brush round size 12, watercolor paint set, palette, watercolor paper, two water jars and paper towels.