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No local region has a more diverse economy than Tampa Bay's.The Port of Tampa houses $14 billion in industry and is a "designated foreign trade zone." Our $12 billion phosphate industry dominates the entire market. MacDill Air Force Base's $3.14 billion economy supports 20,000 workers. Our airport and cruise industry bring in more tourists every year. Our sports economy also is a growth industry. How did we get here? This class will condense the business statistics to lead you to explore our beautiful Tampa Bay area with new eyes.
Is our democracy broken? History offers hope. Consider five pivotal cases in U.S. history from three centuries as decision makers would have, through background briefing on the issues. Read the case (about 30 pages each) on your own; in class, analyze and wrestle with the issues and options decision makers faced. Experience history in a more immersive way and emerge with a greater appreciation of the strengths, weaknesses and resilience of American democracy. Required text is Democracy: A Case Study by David Moss ($20).

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Take a look at slavery in the Sunshine State. Using documentation of plantations and slave histories, we will learn what life was like for owner and slave. Our second session focuses on local sites, such as the Gamble Mansion and Chinsegut Hill. Highlighting our last session is a morning field trip to Chinsegut Hill in Brooksville (students provide their own transportation or carpool).
Two Henrys, Plant and Flagler, who also shared an interest in railroads and hotels, helped transform Florida into a tourist and retirement destination. Learn about Henry Flagler and Henry B. Plant and their accomplishments in the development of Florida, and the entire history of Florida from the days of the Spanish conquest up to the present day.
What was the impact of American exceptionalism on US western expansionism? How did this ideology lead to the U.S. Civil War? What were the causes of the Mexican American War and what were the effects of this war on the political debate of the 1850s?

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The Middle Ages (c. 500-1500) was a time of substantial social, cultural, and political change. Explore how religious and cultural categories that are fundamental to modern identities - such as Christian, Muslim, European, and Western - came to fruition.
Of course you've heard of Sacagawea and Amelia Earhart. But what about Gertrude Bell, Alexandra David-Neel and Bessie Coleman? These are just three of the many adventurous women our history lessons forgot to mention. This course will feature their stories and accomplishments, some of which changed the world as we know it.