This two-week class focuses on the rich history of Cuba, current U.S.-Cuban relations, and the future of the island nation. Join Rudy Fernandez to explore Cuban history, economy, and culture with insights gained from many trips to the island his family knew so well.
Examine Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt as individuals and as the great power couple of the first half of the 20th century. Review their ancestry and childhood, their separate journeys to adulthood, their marriage, and their political partnership.
Women rarely appear as actors in histories of Nazi Germany: men figure prominently in Hitler's army, and the women we hear of are wives and lovers. Yet the women were half of the German system of dominance and genocide, even as they were degraded thoroughly by the National Socialist Party. Why did women sign up by the thousands in this overtly misogynist movement? Examine the Third Reich's family policies and depiction of ideal womanhood; as we learn the consequences of those policies on women's lives.