Explore the conservation movement, the effects of unregulated hunting and exploitation of wildlife populations, ornithological artists of the 1600-2000s, and conservation of our local resources with expert lecturers. Topics include the Clean Water Act and Florida compliance, Tampa Bay restoration, environment of Tampa Bay, ornithological art, and the Tampa Port Authority. Lectures will be followed by exhibit discussions relating to the specific knowledge of our speakers. Audubon experts will offer additional insights.
Is our democracy broken? History offers hope. Consider six pivotal cases in U.S. history from three centuries as decision makers would have; through background briefing on the issues. In class, we will analyze and wrestle with the issues and options decision makers faced. Experience history in a more immersive way and emerge with a greater appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of American democracy and a new appreciation for its resilience. Case readings (30 pgs. each, provided) are required preparation.
Study the tactics of terrorism and guerrilla warfare. Take a geographic approach to examine the ideology and strategy of revolution and religious warfare including their similarities and differences.
Trace the 12,000 years of Florida history from the Bering Land Bridge emigrants to the 2000 Bush/Gore hanging chad election. See the native heroine Ulele saving the handsome Spaniard Juan Ortiz from her father and Walt Disney saving frozen citrus groves and transforming Florida's tourist economy.
Now more than ever, the U.S. needs to understand Russia. Examine contemporary Russian politics in a historical context with USF's resident Russian expert. We will consider major events and issues in modern Russian history, focusing on the legacy of Stalinism in Putin's Russia.
The closeness between Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt stems from their early history, going back to the beginning of the First World War. Explore the key decisions that brought about their close relationship and ultimately the successful culmination of World War II.
How is Tampa connected to "The Twist"? Who was Colonel Leslie MacDill? Join Tampa Bay History Center's docents as they delve deeper into Tampa's exciting history. Topics will include Tampa's Jewish history, Tampa in the 1890's, Tampa's Gasparilla and its connection to New Orleans. Hear a selection of Tampa's lesser-known and fascinating stories.
We have approximately 100,000 military and civilians on the Korean Peninsula today plus countless Americans who are married to Koreans living permanently in the Republic of Korea (South Korea). We have had a strong military force there for the past 60 years. American Presidents since Clinton have said a nuclear North Korea is unacceptable. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have had a recent meeting with some positive results. But where will the future lead us?
The Middle East is frequently in the news, but many of us lack the background to put that news into context. Obtain that background from a person who has lived and studied many years in the region. After learning about the emergence of Islam in the 7th century, we will consider the economy, particularly the oil market, along with the political issues that preoccupy the states in this region.
Travel back in time and discover the causes of the unrest in medieval England that led to the battles between the Yorkists (white rose) and Lancastrians (red rose). Get to know the individuals involved, the battles they fought and the causes for which they died.