Friday Lecture Series

Award-winning author and historian Doris Weatherford will draw from her two-volume Women in American Politics: History and Milestones to discuss recent elections in the context of a century of women's suffrage. Revisit the ups and downs of women's participation in American political life.
Food is, by and large, trust-based commerce: what ends up on your plate doesn't have a bar code and is nearly impossible to track back. The farm-to-table movement will die a death of a thousand cuts if there aren't more clear-eyed efforts to make our food system more transparent. Laura Reiley has been the Tampa Bay Times' food critic since 2007 and was a Pulitzer and James Beard finalist in 2017.
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among American men. Every year 180,000 men will get prostate cancer, and 40,000 will die from it. In language any lay person can understand, Dr. Raymond Paltoo, a respected urologist, will present information on the causes, the research and the current treatment of the disease.
Knee replacement surgery is a multibillion dollar industry in the United States. Osteoarthritis is the main reason for Americans to receive total joint replacement, costing insurance companies and the American population more than $10 billion annually. Often, other treatment options are not discussed due to out-of-pocket expense and overall effort required by the patient. Dr. Jeff Sellman from the Florida Orthopaedic Institute will discuss the many alternate ways to achieve pain-free movement that may obviate the need for total knee arthroplasty.
The U.S. Constitution was written in the eighteenth century and only four sheets long in its original form, but it has served America very well for centuries. Popular speaker and attorney Thomas Hyde JD, University of Miami, will address the intellectual and philosophical influences undergirding the U.S. Constitution with particular attention given to the Declaration of Independence.
Aging gracefully is a goal for many of us, and there is help out there to guide us. The three M's -- mindset, micronutrition and movement-- can make all of us more able to fight the effects of aging. Martin Spencer, with his background in exercise physiology and public speaking, will reveal how these three M's can help us integrate mind and body.
An African proverb wisely observes that "it takes a whole village to raise a child." In 2013, Safe and Sound Hillsborough was created to transform the way local policymakers address violence from a public safety to a public health model. The village became stakeholders coming together and using data to work with youth entering the criminal justice system for the first time. Freddy Barton, executive director of Safe and Sound Hillsborough, explores how a collaboration of policymakers, residents and civic leaders can forge a safer county for all of us.
Travel helps us step outside our comfort zones, break through old paradigms and experience new adventures. Using story-based narratives and illustrating them with photos taken through the decades, author, podcaster and international speaker Maura Sweeney will inspire us to travel, grow and venture out of our comfort zones too -- even if just traveling across town to see, do and engage with something new.
Noted political analyst Ana Cruz will highlight the political impact of local women trailblazers such as Helen Gordon Davis, Jan Platt, Betty Castor, Pam Iorio, Jane Castor, Sandy Freedman, and Pat Frank. Cruz, who serves as managing partner of Ballard Partners, will also review events surrounding the presidential election and the new Women's Movement.