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Friday Lecture Series

Mahmoud Bennett will offer an overview of Malaysia and a chronology of its history and importance in the region. This will include its history as a former British colony, its geography, language, religion, and social customs. The lecture will also touch on systematic discrimination and allow for discussion. Bennett has gained a wide range of experience from working as an ESL educator to freelancing as a model in Kuala Lumpur. He is currently pursuing a Broadcast News degree at USF.
Abdullah Alanazi will present an empirical overview of cigarette smoking in the United States and its potential as a gateway to illegal drug use. The lecture will also cover the pharmaceutical and behavioral treatment options to quit cigarette smoking. Mr. Alanazi, a PhD candidate in Rehabilitation Science at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, is a Fellow of the Sparkman Center for Global Health.

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More than 15 million American's care for individuals living with dementia. If you are a carer, how do you manage your loved one's finances? Financial services director Dan Zagata and financial advisor, Tim Haynes, will guide you through the five-topic framework recommended by MIT and the resources available to help you. An elder care attorney will answer your questions.
Can you imagine solutions to end hunger and food insecurity in our community? Feeding Tampa Bay has a bold goal: a hunger-free Tampa Bay by 2025, thereby improving the health and well-being of our neighbors. In 2012, Thomas Mantz joined Feeding Tampa Bay as Executive Director with a bachelor's degree from the University of North Florida. Mandy Cloninger, with degrees from the University of Florida and Texas Tech University, serves as Director of Trinity Cafe, a program of Feeding Tampa Bay.
Join Dominic D'Agostino, PhD, Associate Professor, USF's College of Medicine to explore what we have learned about nutritional ketosis and how we can harness this physiological state to improve neurological health, biomarkers of metabolic health and stress resilience. He will also discuss its use in pre-clinical animal studies and human clinical trials.
Music and mindfulness are both ancient arts created by and for the human mind. This lecture will explore the connections between the two through the lens of art, science, and practice to achieve integrative health in the middle to late life. Hongdao Meng holds a Ph.D. in Health Economics from the University of Rochester and is an Associate Professor in the School of Aging Studies, College of Behavioral & Community Sciences at USF.
Join travel expert Kurt Martell of Vantage travel to preview OLLI's October 2020 trip to Portugal and Spain. Discover the beautiful cities of Barca d'Alva, Pinhao, Regua, Entre-os-Rios and Porto. Learn about pre- and post-trip extensions to Barcelona and Madrid.
Give a new twist to the latest travel trend: purposeful travel. Join veteran journalist Joan Giangrasse Kates and her daughter Ana Kates to learn how to create inter-generational travel adventures. It may be easier than you think and can have a huge impact on the young people in your life.
From Elon Musk to Stephen Hawking, many have ventured opinions on the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Explore the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and information technology as applied to clinical research. Kenneth Young, PhD Biomedical Informatics, Rutgers University, is a professor and Chief Information Officer of Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology at USF's Health Informatics Institute.
Gerri Almand had never, not even once, looked at an RV tooling down the road and thought, Wow, if only that could be me! Hear her story of writing, editing, and marketing a successful, humorous travel book from her RV office as she and her husband bounced down the road in their tin-can house. With degrees from Florida State and the University of Maryland, Gerri worked with families and children for forty years before reinventing herself as an author, storyteller, and public speaker.
Trace the origins of the Turkish people starting with their migration from mid-Asia to Anatolia and then examine the impact of converting to Islam, the subsequent Ottoman Empire and the rise of the modern Turkish Republic. Gain insights from Dr. Ahmet Colak, from Trabzon, Turkey into the distinctive Turkish culture and the unique geopolitical role of the Turks in bridging the East and the West.
Typically conversations about the Fed's annual deficit, and our national debt, focus on expenditure. Bruce Shanker, CPA will discuss a unique approach for adding revenue and significantly reducing the national debt.
Join OLLI member Gail Parsons and her granddaughter as they share their 100-mile coast-to-coast self-guided walk across northern England alongside Hadrian's Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the year AD 122, Hadrian, Emperor of the Roman Empire, had his soldiers build a stone wall to keep out the barbarians to the north (invaders from present-day Scotland). Hear Gail, founder of the OLLI hiking group, describe her adventures along Hadrian's Wall.
Women have recently emerged from centuries of subordination and even oppression. What accounts for such a radical difference? Susan Northcutt, PhD, Political Science and co-founder of the Women's Caucus of the International Studies Association, offers three compelling reasons for this seismic change: literacy, the pill, and suffrage.