Do more with your Android smartphone! Learn how to get the most from your phone's camera and photos, contacts, calendar and apps. Better internet browsing is right at your fingertips! This class is for intermediates, not beginners. You must be able to send basic texts and emails. Only phones manufactured by Samsung, Motorola and LG and updated to version 7 or newer are acceptable. SKILL LEVEL B
Machines equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) represent a breakthrough in health care. These smart machines use technologies enabling them to sense, comprehend, act and learn. Machines are best at digesting massive amounts of data and quickly picking out patterns, commonalities, and differences, but are less able to factor in intangibles and unquantifiable things. Take a deeper dive into the growing market of AI and health to understand better this essential component of digital health. ALL SKILL LEVELS course.
Learn the basics of cord-cutting, whether you have already, are considering it or are just curious what it all means. The instructors will share their cord-cutting journey as you learn the pros and cons of cord cutting, options for receiving local stations, legal protection for antennas, DVR alternatives, future trends and staying informed in this rapidly growing arena. ALL SKILL LEVELS course.
Did you know that local TV stations -- with great picture quality -- are available over the air with an antenna? We'll discuss antenna types, placement, installation (DIY and services) and how to aim the antenna. Learn about weather effects and channel guides. We'll also discuss typical DVR features and options, using Wi-Fi network tuners, and streaming live TV. Play programs you've recorded, both over your home network and over the Internet. SKILL LEVEL B
Discover the array of options available for online streaming (Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, smart TVs, others). Learn about streaming media: how to find free content, subscription services, and about a la carte, on-demand, and live streaming TV services such as Sling TV. We'll discuss options for sports, news, music, movies, and 4K/HDR content. ALL SKILL LEVELS
Do you have old photos you want to save digitally? The Photomyne app can work with single pictures as well as entire photo albums. Just use your smartphone to take a photo of any printed image and the new photo will be saved digitally. Then use Photomyne to perform edits such as cropping, rotating and enhancing. This class will teach you how to use the Photomyne app to preserve and organize your paper photos digitally. Bring photos and/or photo albums for practice. Bring your fully charged smartphone/tablet to class with the Photomyne app installed and your account created. SKILL LEVEL B
Learn how to improve photos that you have downloaded to your computer. This course uses Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 software which allows you to edit, retouch, manipulate and otherwise enhance the appearance of an original digital photo. The program will concentrate on improving the lighting and color of pictures as well as cropping and selection techniques. Time will be given in the class to practice. It would be best that you own a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 so you can practice at home, but it is not necessary for you to be successful. You will, however, need to have a firm grasp of basic computer skills.


Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft can help you live without a car. We will show you how to use both: you will need a smartphone. Learn about transportation options like the Tampa Streetcar, the Tampa Trolley, the Hart In-Towner, the Downtowner, the Pirate Water Taxi, Hartline for seniors. Some of these are free and even allow dogs. We will show you available parking in downtown Tampa, Ybor City and on the USF campus. Go out and explore our beautiful city! ALL SKILL LEVELS course.
Is hearing loss inevitable with age? Learn about the clinical and scientific bases of age-related hearing loss (ARHL) and what we know about the consequences of age-related hearing loss. Consider the advances in technology designed to address ARHL from the patient, manufacturer, and clinician perspective. We'll also glimpse into the future of hearing enhancement technology, possible therapeutics, and current and emerging service delivery models. ALL SKILL LEVELS course.
We live in the era of "Peak TV," where there is more great content available to us than hours in the day. How then, to choose what to watch? Using web-based information tools, learn how to search for and decide what content to watch with an emphasis on streaming options. Suitable for any TV viewer, particularly "cord-cutters." ALL SKILL LEVELS course.
Get the most out of the high-powered computer that is your iPad. After we review your iPad's basic features, we'll build on that knowledge so you can take command of your iPad. We will work with Settings, Notifications, Siri, Messages, Contacts, Notes, Music, the Apple Store and much more. Note: you must have an iPad that runs iOS 11 or later, such as: iPad Pro, iPad Air or Air 2, iPad 4th or 5th generation, iPad Mini 3 or Mini 4. Bring your fully charged and updated iPad to class. ALL SKILL LEVELS course.
The most popular camera in the world is in your iPhone. Discover your iPhone's photo and video-shooting capabilities so that you can take billboard-quality shots. Learn key steps to better iPhone photography, then practice editing your photos. iPad owners will also benefit from this course. Bring your iPhone 5S or newer, updated to the iOS 11.x operating system. Bring your own charged and updated deviceSKILL LEVEL B

Have you migrated from a Windows PC to the Apple Mac? Let us introduce you to essential elements and features of Mojave, the latest macOS. Customize and navigate your Mac with System Preferences, Finder, the dock and Spotlight. Utilize features like iCloud, App Store, Siri and essential applications such as Mail, Messages, Safari, Contacts, Calendar and Preview. SKILL LEVEL A & B course.
Need friendly, one-on-one help or advice on your technology? Bring in your smartphone, tablet (Apple/Android), or your laptop (Mac/Windows), and give our friendly tech instructors a chance to assess the issue, help you resolve it and even show you a few things about your device. We'll schedule a one-hour appointment with you where we provide simple coaching on one device or a specific application, or help you resolve those burning "why does that happen when I do this" conundrums. We will not be repairing or setting up devices. ALL SKILL LEVELS
Discover Apple's powerful, feature-filled Photos app. Organize your photos into albums. Edit your photos by enhancing their color and light, selecting the best part of a photo, removing red-eye and lots more. Take advantage of Photos' more advanced features, such as using Faces and Places, emailing pictures, creating a calendar or a slideshow, and sending pictures to social media. Learn how to trim short videos imported from iPhones or iPads. OLLI's lab computers will be used.


Do you give presentations, teach or are you just curious about PowerPoint? This class is for you! Starting with PowerPoint's basic features, learn to use design templates and spice up your presentations by adding images, audios or videos. Learn time-saving tips and tricks, too. Previous experience with PowerPoint not required. However, you should have good basic PC skills and be able to navigate the internet to find images and media. We'll work on PC or Apple computers, your choice. SKILL LEVEL B
Do you like to read or watch movies? Listen to audiobooks and music? With a Hillsborough County library card and a smartphone or iPad, learn how the Libby, Hoopla and RB Digital apps give us access to e-books, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, music, magazines and more--all free! We will also explore the Books and Kindle apps. Bring your fully charged and updated smartphone (iPhone or Android) and/or iPad, your current Hillsborough County library card and the pin number for that card. SKILL LEVEL B
Learn to incorporate safe habits into your digital life and enjoy connecting with family and friends. We will address issues such as identifying and protecting ourselves from online scams, protecting online identity and image, staying safe on social media, and keeping our home computer safe. Offered by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education?, a non-profit charitable trust, this course will give up-to-date, practical and easy solutions to empower us and raise awareness. ALL SKILL LEVELS course.
Whether you have a digital camera or are thinking of getting one, learn to take advantage of its sophisticated features. We'll simplify its settings so you can find the best exposure. We will introduce basic composition and image editing to maximize your photos' impact. Bring your camera and manual and we will help set it up to take great pictures. SKILL LEVEL A & B
Managing our passwords has become a major challenge. Choosing a strong password is one of the easiest steps you can take to avoid unauthorized purchases or identity theft. We will discuss how to make strong passwords that are resistant to hacking yet easy to remember. In the second half of the class, we will discuss shoring up our digital defenses with password manager software and try out a popular one called LastPass. OLLI's lab computers will be used in this course.SKILL LEVEL B
Tweets are everywhere. Like them or not, let's explore what a tweet is, what compels people to tweet, and how to use Twitter to learn more about the world. Learn what Twitter is, how to get started, tips and tricks if you already use Twitter, or just explore the educational information available with Twitter. Even if you don't intend to send out tweets, come find out what all the "twitter" is about! SKILL LEVEL B

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Edit your photos right on your smartphone using third-party apps from the App Store (for iPhones/iPads) or Play Store (for Android phones/tablets). We will explore and use three apps: Touch Retouch ($1.99), AfterFocus ($0.99 or free), and Snapseed (free). Remove unwanted content and blemishes, sharpen images, add text, duplicate objects, blur the background for a professional portrait and much more. Bring your fully charged and updated smartphone/tablet to class, with these apps installed. SKILL LEVEL C
Apple's iOS 13 introduces a bold new look, major updates to apps and new ways to protect your privacy, all while making your iPhone faster. Learn about Dark Mode, new camera features, the redesigned Photos app, an immersive 3D Maps experience that moves with you, Siri's new voice, an all new Reminders app and much more. Bring your fully charged iPhone updated to iOS 13. Note: only iPhones which can be updated to iOS 13 (iPhone 6S or newer) will benefit from this class. SKILL LEVEL B
iPad's very own operating system, iPadOS, debuts this fall. iPadOS adds new capabilities to the iPad. Learn about the new Home screen, work with multiple files and documents simultaneously, use the improved text editing gestures and features, Dark Mode and floating keyboard. We'll discuss changes to apps such as Photos, Maps, Safari and others. Note: only iPads which can be updated to iPadOS will benefit from this class. Bring your fully charged iPad, updated to iPadOS to class.SKILL LEVEL B
This class is for beginning students who have Windows 10 on their home computers. Step-by-step instructions and hands-on practice introduce new users to a computer, its keyboard, mouse and the Windows 10 operating system. Use of simple programs and guided Internet practice will build confidence as well as skills. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be prepared for Windows 10 Personal Computing for Intermediate Users. OLLI's lab computers are used in this course.SKILL LEVEL A
Upgrade your previous Windows experience to get the most out of the Windows 10 operating system. Reacquaint yourself with Settings, the navigation pane, meet Cortana and the new Edge browser. Learn about newer features, such as the expanded Windows ribbons and apps and how to customize your PC. Conduct routine maintenance with disk cleanup and defragmentation. Learn about the new features in Windows 10, version 1903. You will be working on OLLI's lab computers in this course.