Love to travel? Your smart device, along with some smart little apps, can help you plan the perfect trip and make the most of the places you visit. Going to a new city? Apps can suggest restaurants, lodging and places to visit. Discover great apps for U.S. and European travel. Explore apps such as TripIt, Google Translate, TripAdvisor and others. Bring your fully charged and updated smartphone (iPhone or Android) and/or iPad to class for hands-on exploration. SKILL LEVEL B

Still paying for TV channels you have no interest in watching? Join the legions of people who have "cut the cord" by discontinuing their cable/satellite TV subscriptions. Enjoy high-quality TV viewing over-the-air (OTA) or via high-speed internet streaming services. Learn the pros and cons of cord-cutting, antenna selection/installation, DVR options, streaming devices and services, and the future of OTA TV. Navigate the potentially intimidating process of cutting the cord in as non-technical a fashion as possible, with an optional field trip to view a home system. ALL SKILL LEVELS
Microsoft Word is an easily learned but very powerful program. It can help you produce documents that are attractive, interesting and easy to read. Simple projects will help you conquer the basics: then learn to add interesting elements, including changing the arrangement of the page and adding different fonts, colors, and pictures. OLLI's lab computers will be used.


Landscapes and portraits are the most popular types of photography and require very different techniques to achieve success. Practice how to get both great in this three-week workshop. Week 1: in-class session on composition and technique. Week 2: take an early evening photo walk and take some great citiscapes. Week 3: practice portraiture using your camera with our studio lighting and studio flash. SKILL LEVEL B
Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft can help you live without a car. We will show you how to use both: you will need a smartphone. Learn about transportation options like the Tampa Streetcar, the Tampa Trolley, the Hart In-Towner, the Downtowner, the Pirate Water Taxi, Hartline for seniors. Some of these are free and even allow dogs. We will show you available parking in downtown Tampa, Ybor City and on the USF campus. Go out and explore our beautiful city! SKILL LEVEL A
We live in the era of "Peak TV", where there is more great content available to us than hours in the day. How then, to choose what to watch? Using web-based information tools, learn how to search for and decide what content to watch with an emphasis on streaming options. Suitable for any TV viewer, particularly "cord-cutters." ALL SKILL LEVELS course.
The iPad app Book Creator is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a book. Learn how to start your book, select a template and use Creator's tools. You'll see how easy it is to add illustrations, objects, images, photos, audio and video. Once you have finished your book, you can send it to the Books Bookstore, or you can keep and share it with friends. You must install the Book Creator app (App Store, $4.99) before coming to class. Bring your fully-charged and updated iPad to class. SKILL LEVEL B
Get the most out of the high-powered computer that is your iPad. After we review your iPad's basic features, we'll build on that knowledge so you can take command of your iPad. We will work with Settings, Notifications, Siri, Messages, Contacts, Notes, Music, the Apple Store and much more. Note: you must have an iPad that runs iOS 11 or later, such as: iPad Pro, iPad Air or Air 2, iPad 4th or 5th generation, iPad Mini 3 or Mini 4. Bring your fully charged and updated iPad to class.


The most popular camera in the world is in your iPhone. Discover your iPhone's photo and video-shooting capabilities so that you can take billboard-quality shots. Learn key steps to better iPhone photography, then practice editing your photos. iPad owners will also benefit from this course. Bring your iPhone 5S or newer, updated to the iOS 11.x operating system. Bring your own charged and updated deviceSKILL LEVEL B

Have you migrated from a Windows PC to the Apple Mac? Let us introduce you to essential elements and features of Mojave, the latest macOS. Customize and navigate your Mac with System Preferences, Finder, the dock and Spotlight. Utilize features like iCloud, App Store, Siri and essential applications such as Mail, Messages, Safari, Contacts, Calendar and Preview. SKILL LEVEL A
If you have more than one Apple device, you want them all to work and play well together. iCloud makes that easy: from storing photos, emails, contacts, purchased apps and media to providing services such as data syncing and storing your passwords, iCloud can do it securely. Keep all your Apple devices in harmony, learn to manage your storage and make the most of iCloud's helpful capabilities. Bring your fully charged and updated iPhone, iPad or Apple laptop to class. SKILL LEVEL B
iOS 12 has arrived and the iPad and iPhone Photos app has changed significantly. Learn how to use the new features in the For You tab such as sharing suggestions, shared album activity, enhanced search (search by object, events, activities, etc.) and more. We'll also help you organize your photos by using the new People, Places, Events, Groups and Categories albums. Bring your fully charged and updated iPad and or iPhone to class.SKILL LEVEL B
Never miss another appointment or meeting! Learn to manage your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly commitments using your Android smartphone. Gain a solid grasp of the calendar app and so you can "set it, and forget it." Homework will be assigned. You should have completed the "The Basics" course or have equivalent knowledge. Bring your fully charged 2 year old or newer Android smartphone. SKILL LEVEL B
Make the most of the camera in your Android smartphone. Learn to work with the many photos you'll take and store with it. We'll focus on organizing, editing and sharing them using Google's Photos or the Gallery app. You'll need either the Photos or Gallery app loaded on your phone. You will need an Android smartphone purchased within the last 3 years, loaded with recent software (versions 7 or 8). Bring your fully-charged and updated, 2 year-old or newer Android phone to class. SKILL LEVEL B
Learn how to master text messaging in one of two apps (Message+ or Messages) so you can communicate with the younger set! Find yourself, or at least never get lost again, as you learn to use Google maps and location settings so you can use GPS navigation. You will need an Android smartphone purchased within the last 3 years with the latest Android software (version 7 or 8) and the messaging and map apps installed. Bring your fully charged and updated phone to class. SKILL LEVEL B
Do more with your digital photos using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018. We'll work with layers, using and modifying photos, adding text, borders and shapes to create panoramas and collage books. You should have completed OLLI-USF's "Editing Your Digital Photos" and own a copy of Elements for practice at home. Skill Level B

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Need friendly, one-on-one help or advice on your technology? Bring in your smartphone, tablet (Apple/Android), or your laptop (Mac/Windows), and give our friendly tech instructors a chance to assess the issue, help you resolve it and even show you a few things about your device. We'll schedule a one-hour appointment with you where we provide simple coaching on one device or a specific application, or help you resolve those burning "why does that happen when I do this" conundrums. We will not be repairing or setting up devices. ALL SKILL LEVELS
Navigate your Galaxy smartphone, become self-sufficient and learn to resolve basic problems without help from your grandkids! Learn how to use Contacts, Messages, Gmail, Phone and to download other useful apps. Get friendly with Google Assistant and Bixby, your built-in digital helpers. Organize your phone for efficient operation and learn essential settings. Expect some homework! Bring your fully charged 2 year old or newer Galaxy.SKILL LEVEL A
If you have completed "The Basics" Samsung Galaxy class or have equivalent knowledge, delve into this second-level class. Learn more about essential apps by Galaxy and Google. Experience competing apps so you can decide which suits your purposes best. Develop a solid grasp of the apps that will improve your Galaxy so it works for you. Homework will be assigned! Bring your fully charged 2 year-old or newer Galaxy. SKILL LEVEL B
Whether you have a digital camera or are thinking of getting one, learn to take advantage of its sophisticated features. We'll simplify its settings so you can find the best exposure. We will introduce basic composition and image editing to maximize your photos' impact. Bring your camera and manual and we will help set it up to take great pictures. SKILL LEVEL A & B
Computers are now ubiquitous and taken for granted. However, most of us can remember a time when "computers" were people using slide rules, or behemoths that took up entire rooms and required special power and cooling. Let's examine the computer revolution, both current technology and what is coming in the future. We'll consider artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, the Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality, quantum computers and the Singularity. ALL SKILL LEVELS
Ever wish you could save or share an image or item from your computer screen? If yes, you'll love learning to use the Snipping Tool. It does so much! Whether a rectangular or a free-form snip, the Snipping Tool will capture it so you can paste it into a document, share it via email it or save it for later use. This basic screen-capture tool by Microsoft comes free with Windows 7 and 10. You will be using OLLI PC computers for this class. SKILL LEVEL B
What is blogging? Why would you want to do it? If you've ever taken an OLLI class and wished you could continue the discussion, you'll understand blogging's appeal. A blog is an online journal about your interests, hobbies and more. Writing a blog post connects you with others who share your passions. Learn what blogs are and how to write an entry for OLLI's blog, OLLI Connects, as you discover resources to start your own blog! SKILL LEVEL A
Another fall, another new iOS for iPad and iPhone! iOS 12 will make your device experience faster, more responsive and more enjoyable. Learn to use new features and navigate major changes to FaceTime, Messages (texting), Notifications, Photos, Camera, Siri, CarPlay and more. Bring your fully charged device, updated to iOS 12, to class. Note: Only iPhones and iPads which can be updated to iOS 12 will benefit from this class. SKILL LEVEL B
Develop confidence and solve your Windows 10 computer mysteries! We'll discuss navigating some settings, data backup and recovery, routine maintenance, networking, and ways of solving common problems. Learn how to update hardware, and use third-party programs to act as your simplified agent to maintain the system, along with gaining insight into the Windows 10 operating system (OS). You should have taken OLLI's Windows 10 Personal Computing for Intermediate Users.


This class is for beginning students who have Windows 10 on their home computers. Step-by-step instructions and hands-on practice introduce new users to a computer, its keyboard, mouse and the Windows 10 operating system. Use of simple programs and guided Internet practice will build confidence as well as skills. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be prepared for Windows 10 Personal Computing for Intermediate Users. OLLI's lab computers are used in this course.SKILL LEVEL A
Upgrade your previous Windows experience to get the most out of the Windows 10 operating system. Reacquaint yourself with Settings, the navigation pane, meet Cortana and the new Edge browser. Learn about newer features, such as the expanded Windows ribbons and apps and how to customize your PC. Conduct routine maintenance with disk cleanup and defragmentation. You will be working on OLLI's lab computers in this course.