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Love to travel? Your smart device, along with some smart little apps, can help you plan the perfect trip and make the most of the places you visit. Going to a new city? Apps can suggest restaurants, lodging and places to visit. Discover great apps for U.S. and European travel. Explore apps such as TripIt, Google Translate, TripAdvisor and others. Bring your fully charged and updated smartphone (iPhone or Android) and/or iPad to class for hands-on exploration. SKILL LEVEL B

Machines equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) represent a breakthrough in health care. These smart machines use technologies enabling them to sense, comprehend, act and learn. Machines are best at digesting massive amounts of data and quickly picking out patterns, commonalities, and differences, but are less able to factor in intangibles and unquantifiable things. Take a deeper dive into the growing market of AI and health to better understand this essential component of digital health. ALL SKILL LEVELS course.
Ready to digitize those old photos? We will consider the options available to us: but we will primarily explore Photomyne, an app that can help us with this task. Photomyne can scan, crop, enhance, and colorize photos. Save photos individually or create a digital album. Add names, dates, locations, and descriptions to photos and albums. After using Photomyne in class, you'll be able to decide whether it's right for you. Bring your fully charged mobile device and your photos for practice. SKILL LEVEL B
Microsoft Word is an easily learned but very powerful program. It can help you produce documents that are attractive, interesting and easy to read. Simple projects will help you conquer the basics: then learn to add interesting elements, including changing the arrangement of the page and adding different fonts, colors, and pictures. OLLI's lab computers will be used.


Want to connect with the younger people in your life? Then you'll want to be on Instagram, the social network for sharing and viewing photos and videos. Instagram has captured the young audience, with over 59% of US users under the age of 30. Users like not only its simplicity and creative imagery, but also its storytelling and photo-sharing abilities. Learn how to use this mobile-only application and make up your own cool Instagram username to boot. You'll work with your own fully charged smartphone (Apple/Android) in class. SKILL LEVEL B
Landscapes and portraits are the most popular types of photography and require very different techniques to achieve success. Practice how to get both great in this three-week workshop. Week 1: in-class session on composition and technique. Week 2: take an early evening photo walk <(>5:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m. and take some great night citiscapes. Week 3: practice portraiture using your camera with provided studio flash lighting. SKILL LEVEL B
We live in the era of "Peak TV," where there is more great content available to us than hours in the day. How then, to choose what to watch? Using web-based information tools, learn how to search for and decide what content to watch with an emphasis on streaming options. Suitable for any TV viewer, particularly "cord-cutters." ALL SKILL LEVELS course.
Want to become more proficient in using your iPhone? We'll review your iPhone's basic features and build on them so that you will eventually take command of your phone. We will work with Settings, Notifications, Messages, Siri, Contacts, Mail, Safari, Calendar, Cameras, Photos, Music, Maps, the App Store and much more. Note: you must have an iPhone 6S or newer with the latest operating system, iOS 13, installed and updated. Bring your fully-charged phone to class. SKILL LEVEL A & B
Did you know your iPhone can make payment more secure than swiping a credit card? And that this capability is built right into your iPhone? More businesses are now accepting mobile phone payment via iPhone because it is fast and easy. Learn how it all works, how to set up and use Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash, and why you can feel confident about the security of your payment data. We'll also compare and contrast Apple Pay to other forms of electronic payments such as Venmo. SKILL LEVELS B & C
In 2019, updates to Apple's iPhone introduced a number of useful features. Let's explore the secret and hidden features you haven't come across yet. As we reveal each feature, we'll show you how to use it and discuss its advantages and disadvantages. Only iPhones which can update to iOS 13 (iPhone 6S or newer) will benefit from this class. Bring your updated and fully charged iPhone to class for hands-on exploration. SKILL LEVEL B&C
This second in a series of basic courses will familiarize you with the new and updated features of macOS Catalina (redesigned Photos app, Sidecar, Find My app, ScreenTime and lots more). Delve more deeply into these essential apps: Preview, Safari, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, iTunes and App Store and their preferences. Work on our iMacs or bring your MacBook. You should have taken macOS for Beginners or possess equivalent experience. We will be using macOS Catalina.


Imagine doing those repetitive, multi-step tasks with just one tap: Shortcuts makes it fast and easy! Besides the standard shortcuts available on the Shortcuts app, learn to create custom shortcuts to simplify some everyday tasks. Get more done on your iPhone or iPad in less time; learn what Shortcuts can do for you. Download the Shortcuts app from the App Store (free) before coming to class. Bring your fully charged and updated (to at least iOS 13) iPad/iPhone to class. SKILL LEVEL C
If you have more than one Apple device, you want them all to work and play well together. iCloud makes that easy: from storing photos, emails, contacts, purchased apps and media to providing services such as data syncing and storing your passwords, iCloud can do it securely. Keep all your Apple devices in harmony, learn to manage your storage and make the most of iCloud's helpful capabilities. Bring your fully charged and updated iPhone, iPad or Apple laptop to class. SKILL LEVEL B
Do more with your digital photos using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018. We'll work with layers and masking, adding backgrounds, special effects, text, borders and photos to create your own special photo projects. You should have completed OLLI-USF's "Editing Your Digital Photos" and own a copy of Elements for practice at home. Skill Level C
Need friendly, one-on-one help or advice on your technology? Bring in your smartphone, tablet (Apple/Android), or your laptop (Mac/Windows), and give our friendly tech instructors a chance to assess the issue, help you resolve it and even show you a few things about your device. We'll schedule a one-hour appointment with you where we provide simple coaching on one device or a specific application, or help you resolve those burning "why does that happen when I do this" conundrums. We will not be repairing or setting up devices. ALL SKILL LEVELS
Think you know your way around Photoshop Elements? Now, learn to use Element's specialized tools to restore and improve photos. The Facial tools allow you to open closed eyes, put a smile on a face, remove a color cast or haze, learn to sculpt and shape a face. Add a person to a photo, colorize it or turn it black and white, or create a hybrid photo or gifs. Badly damaged photos can be pieced together; you can even fill in a missing section. You will be working on our lab computers. SKILL LEVEL C
Do you like to read or watch movies? Listen to audiobooks and music? With a Hillsborough County library card and a smartphone or iPad, learn how the Libby, Hoopla and RB Digital apps give us access to e-books, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, music, magazines and more--all free! Bring your fully charged and updated smartphone (iPhone or Android) and/or iPad, your current Hillsborough County library card and the pin number for that card. SKILL LEVEL B
The technological revolution is accelerating as we enter a new decade. Discover some new and emerging technologies as well as several existing ones that are becoming mature. We'll address 5G networks, wearable technology, the Internet of Things, self- driving cars, quantum computers and more. We will also have an extensive discussion on artificial intelligence. ALL SKILL LEVELS
If you have a mirrorless or DSLR digital camera or are thinking of getting one, learn to take advantage of its sophisticated features. We'll simplify its settings so you can find the best exposure. We will introduce basic composition and image editing to maximize your photos' impact. Bring your camera and manual and we will help you set it up to take great pictures. SKILL LEVEL A & B
From Elon Musk to Stephen Hawking, many have ventured opinions on the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Explore the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and information technology as applied to clinical research. Kenneth Young, PhD Biomedical Informatics, Rutgers University, is a professor and Chief Information Officer of Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology at USF's Health Informatics Institute.
Edit your photos right on your smartphone using third-party apps from the App Store (for iphones/iPads) or Play Store (for Android phones/tablets). We will explore two apps: Touch Retouch ($1.99) and Snapseed (free). Remove unwanted content and blemishes, sharpen images, add text, blur the background for a professional look and much more. Bring your fully charged and updated smartphone or tablet to class with the two apps installed. SKILL LEVEL C
Apple's iOS 13 introduces a bold new look, major updates to apps and new ways to protect your privacy, all while making your iPhone faster. Learn about Dark Mode, new camera features, the redesigned Photos app, an immersive 3D Maps experience that moves with you, Siri's new voice, an all new Reminders app and much more. Bring your fully charged iPhone updated to iOS 13. Note: only iPhones which can be updated to iOS 13 (iPhone 6S or newer) will benefit from this class. SKILL LEVEL B
iPad's very own operating system, iPadOS, debuted last fall. iPadOS added new capabilities to the iPad. Learn about the new Home screen, work with multiple files and documents simultaneously, use the improved text editing gestures and features, Dark Mode and floating keyboard. We'll discuss changes to apps such as Photos, Maps, Safari and others. Note: only iPads which can be updated to iPadOS will benefit from this class. Bring your fully charged iPad, updated to iPadOS to class.SKILL LEVEL B
Develop confidence and solve your Windows 10 computer mysteries! We'll discuss settings, data backup and recovery, routine and targeted maintenance, networking, and solutions to common problems. Learn how to update hardware, and use third-party programs to help maintain your system. Gain insight into the Windows 10 operating system (OS) as you resolve issues on your home PC between class meetings. You should have taken OLLI's Windows 10 Personal Computing for Intermediate Users or have equivalent knowledge. SKILL LEVEL C
This class is for beginning students who have Windows 10 on their home computers. Step-by-step instructions and hands-on practice introduce new users to a computer, its keyboard, mouse and the Windows 10 operating system. Use of simple programs and guided Internet practice will build confidence as well as skills. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be prepared for Windows 10 Personal Computing for Intermediate Users. OLLI's lab computers are used in this course.SKILL LEVEL A
Upgrade your previous Windows experience to get the most out of the Windows 10 operating system. Reacquaint yourself with Settings, the navigation pane, meet Cortana and the new Edge browser. Learn about newer features, such as the expanded Windows ribbons and apps and how to customize your PC. Conduct routine maintenance with disk cleanup and defragmentation. Learn about the new features in Windows 10, version 1903. You will be working on OLLI's lab computers in this course.