No local region has a more diverse economy than the Tampa Bay area.The Port of Tampa houses $14 billion in industry and is a "designated foreign trade zone." Our $12 billion phosphate industry dominates the entire market. MacDill Air Force Base's $3.14 billion economy supports 20,000 workers. Our airport and cruise industry bring in more tourists every year. Our sports economy also is a growth industry. How did we get here? This class will condense the business statistics to lead you to explore our beautiful Tampa Bay area with new eyes.

July 26, 2021 to August 16, 2021, Online Course
John Gorrie, Julia Tuttle, and Walt Disney made significant contributions to Florida with regard to air conditioning, the foundation of Miami, and Walt Disney World, respectively. Learn about these three important people, their lives, and more about how much Florida owes them.

August 3-24, 2021, Online Course
Easter Island in the South Pacific, the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador and Machu Picchu in Peru - join Bruce Gobioff for a fascinating armchair-travel experience of these exotic locations. Submerse yourself in the region's history, geography and teeming wildlife: an enchanting exploration which includes the instructor's personal photos, stories and videos from numerous trips.

May 15, 2021 to August 19, 2021, Recorded Course
You may not be able to travel right now, but you can still see the world by exploring maps from prehistoric times to the present. See primitive maps carved in stone and world maps that constantly changed as knowledge of the globe expanded. View portolan charts (books of sailing directions). Learn about global positioning system (GPS) mapping. Study influential cartographers, the parts that make up a map, ghost marks, and maps in art and advertising. You will view more than 200 maps during this trip.

July 13-27, 2021, Online Course
Keep it simple, make it fun. That applies to strategies for healthy living and coping with the issues of our time, such as stress, toxins and processed foods. Sugar seems to be everywhere. It adversely affects our bodies and can lead to inflammation and disease. Discover how to eliminate sugar from your diet. Simplify the struggle against high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Learn which foods help us thrive. Hear how to tap your natural energy and thrive from this moment forward.

July 30, 2021 to August 20, 2021, Online Course
A 1939 Gallup Poll revealed that 65% of Americans felt that Germany's persecution of Jews was mostly or entirely the fault of the Jews. What was going on in this country to elicit such a feeling and how did America act - or not - to confront the Nazi menace in Europe and in America? Eye-opening and little known facts and video evidence make this issue all the more fascinating and provocative.

April 22-29, 2021, Online Course
May 15, 2021 to August 19, 2021, Recorded Course
A librarian and a writer again invite you to read an innovative book and join them in lively conversation. This time it's Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders, a novel that imagines one night in the White House with the comings and goings in a Georgetown cemetery during the first year of the Civil War. Saunders cites primary sources both invented and real and creates rich dialog. For three sessions, we will take a deep dive into the roots of when we first became a divided nation. Required reading: Lincoln in the Bardo, George Saunders ($13)

June 1-15, 2021, Online Course
Take a virtual tour of the bottom of the world. Explore the history, geography and wildlife of Antarctica and gain an appreciation of its pristine beauty. The instructor will supplement the discussion with personal photos, videos and stories from his trips to one of the world's most amazing places.

May 1, 2021 to August 19, 2021, Recorded Course
Hear how art (by the great masters and others) can be used to present topics in the biological sciences. Johnny El-Rady, an instructor in the Department of Cell Biology, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology at USF, will draw lessons from his 25-year career teaching microbiology and genetics to 25,000 students.

Friday, June 11, 2021, Online Course
During WWII Americans of Japanese descent were forcibly uprooted from their homes, lives, and communities and relocated to isolated internment camps by Executive Order 9066. What was life like for Japanese-Americans interned behind barbed wire? Learn about one family's experiences of incarceration. We'll discuss Asian immigration in light of anti-Chinese and anti-Japanese attitudes and review the legislative provisions that led to the establishment of the camps.

July 21, 2021 to August 11, 2021, Online Course
¡El primer curso no lingüístico impartido íntegramente en español!  This pilot session is your introduction to mindfulness. Learn how to practice the art of living in the present moment and how to apply it when you face stressful situations in your daily life. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Spanish should benefit from this class. This short introduction is a gateway to longer, future courses in mindfulness, also taught in Spanish.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021, Online Course
Explore Tampa as it was in 1897 with Noel Smith and Andy Huse, translators of Tampa: Impressions of an Emigrant by Cuban author Wenceslao Gálvez y Delmonte. Gálvez y Delmonte (1867-1951), a baseball player, lawyer and writer, wrote with rich detail about Tampa, Ybor City and West Tampa and of the Cuban emigré community established here during the Cuban War of Independence. Return with Smith and Huse to this lively chronicle of the Cuban diaspora in the late 19th century US.

Monday, May 17, 2021, Online Course
Learn about the many types of butterflies in our area. We'll talk about the butterfly life cycle, identify butterfly life stages, and describe good plant choices for creating a butterfly habitat. When you plant a butterfly habitat, you will be guaranteed not only a visit to your garden but possibly permanent residency by these beautiful creatures. Nicole Pinson is the Urban Horticulture Extension Agent and Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator with the UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County.

Friday, May 21, 2021, Online Course
Clostridium difficile, commonly called C. diff, is a bacteria that lives in our intestines and in our environment. C. diff can at times turn into a lethal pathogen, with more than a half-million infections per year in the United States, many of those in older adults. We'll explore the risk factors that allow for disease development and what makes this pathogen turn deadly.

This course contains no sessions
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Is our democracy broken? History offers hope. Consider five pivotal cases in U.S. history from three centuries as decision makers would have, through background briefing on the issues. Read the case (about 30 pages each) on your own; in class, analyze and wrestle with the issues and options decision makers faced. Experience history in a more immersive way and emerge with a greater appreciation of the strengths, weaknesses and resilience of American democracy. Required text is Democracy: A Case Study by David Moss ($20).

July 29, 2021 to August 19, 2021, Online Course
Join Jennifer Leavy, certified yoga therapist, for a four-week course that combines gentle stretching while seated in a chair, breathwork and meditation. Whether this is new to you or you are a seasoned practitioner, take this time out for yourself to experience stress relief as well as peace and calm in your day-to-day life.

May 18, 2021 to June 8, 2021, Online Course
Are you a lover of foreign languages who would like to learn a new one? A lover of opera or music? So much music terminology is Italian. Or maybe you just want to try something beyond your comfort zone. Studies show that learning a language is an excellent way to boost cognitive abilities while lessening the likelihood of brain aging deterioration. Conversational Italian I is just what you need. We'll be using a book that will get you speaking right away. There's a CD, too, that will help with pronunciation. Come join the fun. Required text: Learn Italian the Fast and Fun Way by Marcel Danesi, Ph.D., Fourth Edition. Book includes an MP3 CD with 4 hours of audio ($29.99).

May 15, 2021 to August 19, 2021, Recorded Course
How can we combat COVID-19 and what are the ways to limit future pandemics? What constitutes a pandemic? Where are we headed with the current pandemic? We will investigate the nature of coronaviruses, identify how they cause common colds and why certain strains cause severe acute respiratory syndromes (SARS).

June 17-24, 2021, Online Course
This three-session class focuses on the rich history of Cuba, current U.S.-Cuban relations, and the future of the island nation. Join Rudy Fernandez to explore Cuban history, economy, and culture with insights gained from many trips to the island his family knew so well.

June 10-24, 2021, Online Course
How do you choose a high quality dietary supplement to optimize your bones, joints, organs, and overall health? We'll focus on supplements, consider where they can be effective, review the evidence on side effects and the effect of interactions. Finally, we'll discuss the health benefits of the world's gold standard, the Mediterranean diet.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021, Online Course
The National Institute on Aging warns that millions of older Americans have prediabetes - blood sugar levels that are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. There are no clear symptoms of prediabetes, so how do you know whether you have it? Be proactive! Join this class to learn preventative measures you can take to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

May 21-28, 2021, Online Course
What major developments make medical advances possible? In this lecture series, we'll take a look at medicine and surgery from the earliest civilizations of Sumeria and Egypt to the rational approach to medicine taken by the Greeks: learn how this heritage helped the Romans maintain formidable armies. Explore the elements foundational to the development of modern medical practice: the medicine of Islam and of the Middle Ages up to the Age of Discovery in the Renaissance.

June 14, 2021 to July 5, 2021, Online Course
Eleanor Roosevelt was born into a wealthy family, but her dreadful childhood could have come right out of a Dickens novel. She was afraid of everything -- dogs, the water, public speaking -- but she went on to become a fearless defender of the downtrodden and to this day the most admired first lady in American history. Discover why President Truman called her First Lady of the World. Examine the life of this remarkable woman who was so much more than half of the most important political partnership of the 20th century.

May 18, 2021 to June 22, 2021, Online Course
Many intelligent people thought "fake news" would go away with the change of administrations in Washington, but the reality is simple: fake news has always been with us, and it is here to stay. It's up to us to learn how to identify it, figure out who's propagating it, and understand why! Join the "father" of OLLI's fake news courses for an updated look at the problem, the problem-makers, and what you can do to cut through the media noise to find the truth.

June 24, 2021 to July 15, 2021, Online Course
Many biological treasures wash up on Florida's beaches. Learn how to identify and classify common seashells, egg cases and exoskeletons. Expand your understanding of the diversity of life on and beneath our sands.

June 10-17, 2021, Online Course
Tampa Bay is an amazing place to explore by land and by sea! We'll venture from the hardwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters, covering a multitude of habitats found in between. We'll cover key characteristics of each habitat, learn which animals call them home, and discover new local habitats to visit.

May 13-20, 2021, Online Course
Do you know about the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line? Have you heard of the Tony Jannus award - who gets it and why? Join this three-session course to find out more and to learn about National Airlines, Chalk's Airlines and the first flight to Cuba. Find out who designed the Tampa International Airport. Top it off with seeing how and when air service will return to normal.

August 5-19, 2021, Online Course
When new drugs come on the market, we see advertisements that tell us to "Ask your doctor whether you are right for ..." The process that brings a product from an idea to a prescription designed to meet your medical need is long and highly regulated. We'll explore a little of the history and process of pharmaceutical research and discuss current events related to clinical trials.

July 12-19, 2021, Online Course
Each new technology brings with it an associated set of physiological ailments, from the "aeroplane gaze" to "text neck." Media historian Patrick Ellis zooms in on this perennial phenomenon, focusing in particular on the arrival of airplanes in the skies above major cities in 1909. That's when many ordinary citizens caught their first glimpse of these strange new machines. What can their reactions to a new technology tell us about our own such responses now?

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, Online Course
You've heard about the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation -- now it's time to do it! The gentle poses you will practice are designed specifically to stretch muscles, strengthen bones and bring flexibility to the joints. Yoga helps improve body posture, ease of movement and balance. Mindfulness and meditation help relieve stress, relax the body and quiet the mind. Get ready to improve your health while also having fun.

May 18, 2021 to June 22, 2021, Online Course
July 6, 2021 to August 10, 2021, Online Course
Why do we find operatic voices so thrilling and memorable? Let's listen and compare artists so that we can analyze and discuss what makes these voices great. Barbara Haspel is a lirico-spinto soprano and a graduate of the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music. A recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship, she has sung opposite such notable artists as Ferruccio Tagliavini.

Friday, July 9, 2021, Online Course
Although many of the wonderful altruists who rescued Jews during the Holocaust were adults, there were an astonishing number of brave young people who similarly risked their lives to save Jews and obstruct Nazis. These unknown stories of courageous teens are a testament to the power of youthful idealism and goodness. Learn about these courageous youths and be inspired.

May 1, 2021 to August 19, 2021, Recorded Course
View the film on your own, then zoom into film specialist Harriet Deer's interactive class, featuring her insights on the cast, production, themes and cultural significance of important movies. Death in Venice the critically acclaimed 1973 adaptation of Thomas Mann's novella, directed masterfully by Luchino Visconti and starring Dirk Bogarde.

Thursday, April 22, 2021, Online Course
Two Henrys, Plant and Flagler, who also shared an interest in railroads and hotels, helped transform Florida into a tourist and retirement destination. Learn about Henry Flagler and Henry B. Plant and their accomplishments in the development of Florida, and the entire history of Florida from the days of the Spanish conquest up to the present day.

July 6-27, 2021, Online Course
Imagine the world ages and ages ago. No, go even further back. Go to pre-human history and meet the Australopithicines. Then encounter other versions of human evolution with unfamiliar names, all the way through homo erectus, homo neanderthalensis, and homo sapiens. Explore evolutionary mysteries. Fossil records tell the tale and your anthropologist instructor brings them to life.

May 20, 2021 to June 24, 2021, Online Course
As commercial radio celebrates 100 years of broadcasting, it's time to to take a look back at the people and programs that have helped radio evolve into the nation's most popular entertainment medium. Learn how radio has grown from one AM broadcast station in 1920 to more than 15,000 stations across the U.S. today as we examine the formative years of radio -- how stations were assigned, marketed, and programmed during the first half of the 20th century.

May 15, 2021 to August 19, 2021, Recorded Course
What was the impact of American exceptionalism on US western expansionism? How did this ideology lead to the U.S. Civil War? What were the causes of the Mexican American War and what were the effects of this war on the political debate of the 1850s?

This course contains no sessions
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How did a group of merchants acquire and rule a subcontinent for nearly two hundred years? Take an historical journey through pre- and post-independence relations between India and Britain. We will examine the nostalgia for the Empire and stories of the South Asia diaspora in Britain.

May 12, 2021 to June 2, 2021, Online Course
Continue to learn practical vocabulary and just enough grammar to have conversations without getting bogged down. If you didn't take Conversational Italian I, but have a background in foreign languages, join us. We'll continue with the same book, Learn Italian the Fast and Fun Way by Marcel Danesi, Ph.D., Fourth Edition. Book includes an MP3 CD with 4 hours of audio. ($29.99)

May 19, 2021 to June 30, 2021, Online Course
Discover new aspects of da Vinci's life as a Renaissance man. The famous mathematician Luca Pacioli became his apprentice and played a major role in his artwork. Arts patron Isabella d'Este hosted Leonardo and Luca in 1499 when they took refuge in her castle while fleeing from war. Leonardo had a passion for knots and octagons, taking a risk to paint an octagon on the Mona Lisa. Knots are intertwined with the Fantasia da Vinci dress. Required Text: Leonardo's Knots, available from the instructor for $40 including tax and shipping:

May 25, 2021 to June 1, 2021, Online Course
How does your body interact with microorganisms or cancer and other types of inflammation when fighting disease? How can microbes suppress your immune system or cause it to overreact? Take a tour in this visual introduction which uses slides, lecture and discussion. Meet your immune system.

July 13, 2021 to August 3, 2021, Online Course
As we age, we may focus on end-of-life planning, but what about planning for unexpected legal and financial events that may occur before the end? Consider how to enhance your ease of life, from right now to the end. That can include social and family factors. Discuss the preparation and use of all legal and financial documents that can go into your life goals and estate plans.

June 10-24, 2021, Online Course
What is the difference between forgetfulness and cognitive impairment? What causes memory loss and is it ever reversible? Where do you begin if you want to discuss memory health with your doctor? Learn about the various forms of dementia and cognitive impairment. We'll look at how to manage memory loss and review the pros and cons of medications and dietary supplements used to prevent or treat it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021, Online Course
Promote your mental well-being with mind fitness. Explore the creative and healing aspects of loving attention. Through a combination of mindfulness, self hypnosis, and meditation practices, discover ways to develop calmness, resilience and peace of mind, especially in these challenging and stressful times.

June 4-25, 2021, Online Course
Experts will introduce class members via Zoom lectures to significant and interesting topics on the natural resources of Hillsborough County, highlighting aspects that are special and unique to the region. Birds, habitats, geology, wildlife, native plants, and other topics will be presented in clear, easily understood and engaging fashions, using photographs and stories to depict the natural environment of the region. Field trips to natural areas may be included as part of the class experience if possible by the late spring and summer.

May 11, 2021 to June 29, 2021, Online Course
Negotiation is the backbone of human interaction. While most of us think negotiations involve only high stakes - corporations brokering billion-dollar mergers, nations working out terms of peace and trade - we actually negotiate every day. We negotiate with family over housework or with employers over salaries. Still, most of us are ill-prepared to negotiate successfully. But with the help of Moez Limayem, Lynn Pippenger Dean of the USF Muma College of Business, there are some simple steps we can take to give us an advantage.

This course contains no sessions
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During the Holocaust, it was exceedingly difficult to find an individual or organization ready to help Jewish victims. Catholic nuns and priests were among those few who, at great risk to themselves, chose to rescue Jews. Join an uplifting presentation on human goodness. Hear the stories of these little-known brave and inspiring women and men.

Monday, August 9, 2021, Online Course
Cathy Rosenbaum, Pharm D, will review the regulatory history of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers (PhRMA) and FDA agencies; discuss compliance with FDA standards for drug research; describe the FDA process for Rx-to-OTC switches; review drug safety and discuss the role of lobbyists, insurers and consumers in marketing and pricing. Rosenbaum is a holistic clinical pharmacist and Founder/CEO Rx Integrative Solutions, a consulting practice in integrative health in Cincinnati, OH.

Friday, June 4, 2021, Online Course
The Happy Vegan Couple, Denise and Georgie, will demonstrate several delicious and healthy whole-food, plant-based recipes as well as explain why plant-based eating is a great strategy for optimizing your health. If you choose, you are invited to cook along with us as we will share the recipes before each class. Some dishes will be cooked in the Instant Pot, an electric pressure cooker, to demonstrate the ease of using this appliance for plant-based cooking.

May 12, 2021 to June 2, 2021, Online Course
Pranayama is the tradition of controlling the breath practiced in India for centuries, where breathing techniques are used alone or with yoga postures to prepare the body and mind for meditation. It can also help in reducing blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression and poor sleep. In this introductory class, the students will learn breathing techniques and an introduction to meditation.

May 13, 2021 to June 3, 2021, Online Course
Golfo Alexopoulos, USF Professor and Director of the USF Institute on Russia, examines the current anti-government sentiment in Russia and explores the reasons why Putin's popularity has declined sharply in recent years. Special attention will be given to Alexei Navalny's anti-corruption movement.

Friday, August 20, 2021, Online Course
Scientific advances effect social change. Those changes in society then impact further scientific advances. Assess the significant impact of the birth control pill on society and on family. What are the dramatic scientific changes in response to societal change? Where do we go from here?

May 20-27, 2021, Online Course
Of course you've heard of Sacagawea and Amelia Earhart. But what about Gertrude Bell, Alexandra David-Neel and Bessie Coleman? These are just three of the many adventurous women our history lessons forgot to mention. This course will feature their stories and accomplishments, some of which changed the world as we know it.

May 18-25, 2021, Online Course
July 21-28, 2021, Online Course
Are you one of the 60 million Americans who suffer from persistent insomnia? What is the impact of this on your health and your ability to heal? We'll explore the causes of sleeplessness and review the pros and cons of interventions aimed at improving sleep. We'll consider prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as dietary supplements, herbal teas and mind-body-spirit lifestyle choices.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021, Online Course
Healthy choices help balance our lives. In this faith-based course, discover how to take charge of your life emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. Learn the eight principles of optimal health: Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal, Outlook and Nutrition. Expect slide presentations, discussions and some homework.

June 7-21, 2021, Online Course
Do you remember Star Trek? We marveled at its optimistic vision and futuristic technology. In the decades following its launch in 1966, which Star Trek "gadgets" or processes became a reality? Let's trek where no one has gone before and explore the strange new worlds of transporters, replicators, PADDs, time travel, warp drive and artificial intelligence and see how much remains science fiction.

June 8-29, 2021, Online Course
As we age, we may face health challenges. Some of us are dealing with debilitating diseases. What is the difference between normal aging and disease? What behavioral and nutritional changes can we make to help us improve our health and well-being? Can these changes reverse some medical conditions? Join us in our exploration of health issues and lifestyle choices.

June 11-25, 2021, Online Course
Even with COVID-induced travel bans and quarantines, you can travel the world with George Hyde's fourth "Armchair Travel" class for OLLI. George highlights unique and unappreciated attributes of some of his personal favorites among cities he's visited in a peripatetic career! This term, visit Paris, Madrid, Geneva, and Washington, DC. Boarding now!

May 1, 2021 to August 19, 2021, Recorded Course
Indulge in significant snippets of Tampa's glorious but spicy history from the Timucuan's struggles with giant armadillos to the efforts of Jeff Vinik to renovate Tampa's downtown. Survey the events illustrating "Tampa's compassion, intergenerational generosity, delayed transportation efforts and its world-class entrepreneurship."

June 7-28, 2021, Online Course
Spaniards, Cubans, Italians, and Germans who came here in the early twentieth century faced new customs, politics and language. Fortunately, they brought with them the concept of the mutual aid society, a voluntary association or club that pooled resources to provide members with social, cultural, medical, and economic benefits. Learn how these societies influenced Tampa's early development. Instructors include Judge E.J. Salcines, John Ranon, Patrick Manteiga, Roland Rodriquez, Susan Greenbaum and Andy Huse.

May 12-26, 2021, Online Course
Intelligence gathering is really an art. We will discuss and analyze the following forms of intelligence gathering: HUMINT, GEOINT, MASINT, OSINT, SIGINT, TECINT, CYBINT/DNINT, and FININT. We will also incorporate the following areas into the class discussions and activities: Cryptanalysis, Meteorological Intelligence, Optint, Spy Satellite,TEMPEST, and Traffic Analysis. Our sessions consist of lecture, discussion and hands-on activities including case studies.

This course contains no sessions
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Meet the author! For our inaugural reading series named in honor of our OLLI friend and beloved OLLI instructor Brenda Tipps, we welcome four authors of creative nonfiction, fiction and memoir. Recommended reading : Mine by Sarah Viren; Give by Erica Carpenter; Struggle for Freedom: Marta's Courage by Eduvigia (Junia) Ancaya and The Airship: Incantations Adam Tipps Weinstein. Join us once a month for a reading followed by a Q & A session.

This course contains no sessions
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Take a journey through the history and science of the early atomic age from Dalton's theory that all matter is composed of atoms to the development of the atomic bomb and the decision to drop it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In this series of four lectures we'll review the scientists and spies involved in The Manhattan Project then consider the science behind the more sophisticated, and potentially far more destructive, Hydrogen bomb.

May 1, 2021 to August 1, 2021, Recorded Course
Groundbreaking advances in the study of anatomy, physiology and chemistry led to monumental developments in medicine and surgery. They also changed the way humanity came to view nature. In this lecture series, gain an historical perspective of medicine and surgery from the Renaissance onward. Investigate the dramatic changes from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th. We will focus on specific medical breakthroughs and the individuals responsible for shaping the world of modern medicine.

July 19, 2021 to August 9, 2021, Online Course
Psychologist Daniel J. Levinson was one of the founders of the field of positive adult development. Levinson's two most prominent books are The Seasons of a Man's Life and The Seasons of a Woman's Life, which comprise the foundation for this course. These books, considered controversial when published, reveal the groundbreaking research that illuminated the mandatory, specific stages we all pass through as we age and grow.

This course contains no sessions
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After the Civil War, the turbulent era that endeavored to reintegrate the Confederate States and the four million newly-freed slaves into the United States became a period of lost hope and dreams. Under Andrew Johnson's administration, new southern state legislatures passed restrictive "black codes" to control the former slaves. Northern Republicans passed the Reconstruction Act of 1867 that gave newly enfranchised blacks a voice in government for the first time in U.S. history. 265 African-Americans won elections to southern state legislatures and the U.S. Congress. However, progressive measures would last less than ten years, and the plight of African-Americans would revert to blatant inequality once again.

May 15, 2021 to August 19, 2021, Recorded Course
Join Dr. Richard Bell, who will share the incredible story of five free boys kidnapped into bondage whose courage forever changed the fight against slavery in America. Their ordeal shines a glaring spotlight on the Reverse Underground Railroad, a black market network of human traffickers and slave traders who stole away thousands of legally free African Americans from their families in order to fuel slavery's rapid expansion in the decades before the Civil War.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021, Online Course
Review recent decisions and the current opinions of our nation's highest court, and preview what might be on the court's docket in the following term. Hear expert analysis on judgments rendered with a focus on those that differentiate the majority from the dissent.

July 12-26, 2021, Online Course
Vaccines eradicated smallpox. They have prevented billions of cases of diseases and deaths globally. How are vaccines created? What do they do to boost your immune system and protect you from disease? What vaccinations do you need? Who should be vaccinated and at what age? We'll explore the history of vaccine development and take a look at the current SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. Finally, we'll examine some disastrous results of anti-vaccination campaigns.

July 22-29, 2021, Online Course
As Thomas Jefferson once said, "As new discoveries are made and new truths disclosed, manners and opinions change." Just as the turmoil of our world today can color our cultural, social and political views, so did three junctures in history affect the nature of art during those times. Explore the Renaissance, Impressionism and Picasso to better understand the span of art history.

May 19, 2021 to June 2, 2021, Online Course
Diderot's 18th-century Encyclopedie aimed to incorporate all the world's knowledge for the benefit of future generations. It was the first to gather contributions from many writers. The next attempts to create access to all knowledge included the Mundaneum, the memex, and now Wikipedia. Learn also about the role of libraries in this daunting endeavor.

Monday, May 24, 2021, Online Course
They say variety is the spice of life. Join us as we enjoy a selection of short stories by such masters of the form as Poe, Hawthorne, Chopin and others. Full syllabus from the instructor upon registration. Required Text: 100 Great Short Stories. Dover Thrift Edition ($12), e-book available for less.

June 22, 2021 to July 13, 2021, Online Course
Learn about the motives and fears that led to repressive, witch-hunting edicts across Europe. Judith Page-Lieberman has been studying the evolution of women healers from 1100 to the present and will discuss the nefarious events that swept England and the continent. Similar but less violent actions have continued for future generations of women healers. Judith Page-Lieberman, MS, ARNP, has taught nursing at every level of nursing education and was a pediatric nurse practitioner at Pediatric Health Care Alliance in Tampa.

Friday, June 25, 2021, Online Course
HIV, Herpes, Influenza, Ebola, West Nile Fever, Dengue and infections endemic to Florida - all are viruses. What is it about their structure that leads us to label them this way? How do they interact with the body to cause disease? How does the human body combat viruses? How can we use what we have learned to get viruses to work for us? Enlarge your understanding and dispel a few myths.

May 18, 2021 to June 8, 2021, Online Course
Elizabeth Pilot wrote about life in 18th-century Florida; it was genealogical research that played a crucial role in bringing her memoir to publication. Take a rare look at early Florida and uncover the experiences of women and families during the eighteenth century. Fast-forward to current times and consider why personal stories and oral histories are so important for modern families. Appreciate how historians locate and evaluate memoirs, and even begin your own autobiography as your contribution to the historical record.

June 7-28, 2021, Online Course
What did the Germans and the Soviets experience during World War II in their fight along the Eastern Front? Often little-known in the West, the Eastern Front was the deadliest and most decisive battlefront of the war. While the Soviets called it "The Great Patriotic War," its relative obscurity in the U.S. distorts our understanding of the Allied victory in World War II. Let's expand our perspective in this short lecture presentation.

Friday, August 6, 2021, Online Course