Death Investigation Training: Advanced Topics

This course covers several specialized and advanced topics in death investigation. There are three major topics reviewed:

  1. Child and infant death investigations.
  2. Process and importance of identification with review of types of identification used in death investigation.
  3. Death investigation where apparent natural disease is caused by trauma and non-natural events and natural deaths which appear initially to be trauma related.


  • Recognize the need for infant death investigation.
  • Understand steps in infant death investigation including completion and components of SUID form and approaches to doll-reenactment and documentation.
  • Cite types of identification used in death investigation including the importance of identification, methods used in identification, materials needed for identification and limitations of identification.
  • Recognize natural disease processes which may be associated with underlying, delayed trauma deaths and formulate investigation practices and questions to differentiate these situations.
  • Recognize some unusual manifestations of natural disease processes which may appear to present as traumatic or non-natural deaths.

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