Course Detail: SWSE - Supervision and Ethics for Clinical and Non-Clinical Social Work Services

This workshop will identify and analyze the professional concepts and functions critical to effective supervision for social workers in administrative roles (e.g., field instructors, agency administrators, etc) and for those who provide clinical supervision. Various aspects of supervision perspectives will be explored, including supervision and interpersonal communications, reflective supervision, effects of diversity and personal biases, social work administration, technology in social work practice, practice evaluation and the utilization of research, cultural competence, human development and behavior in the social environment, and identification and resolution of ethical issues. This workshop will also present a six-stage model of supervising social workers in the development of assessments and other evaluation tools. Concepts to be explored include the dynamics of interactional clinical supervision, integration of various clinical focuses of supervision, professional values and ethics, assessment, treatment modalities, clinical knowledge and skills, authorized scope of practice, technology in social work practice, effective interpersonal communication skills, human development and behavior in the social environment, practice evaluation and the utilization of research. The workshop will also include the Personality, Client and Professional Perspectives. Reflective/Clinical Supervision will also address the dynamics of a cultural and diversity sensitive practice within the framework of clinical supervision. The NASW Code of Ethics changes in 2021 will be discussed to assure ongoing development and knowledge of professional values and responsibilities. Participants will demonstrate knowledge learned on supervision concepts through role-play activities. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to apply the concepts of supervision for clinical social work services to case scenarios as the final part of the workshop.Learning ObjectivesParticipants who take this workshop will:? Learn the basic concepts and identify factors and functions of a non-clinical and clinical supervisor with a reflective supervision model.? Analyze and become familiar with a six-stage model of supervision related to the assessment process in social work.? Analyze the steps needed to develop and maintain a culturally diverse sensitive clinical supervision practice.? Apply clinical knowledge of assessment skills and appropriate treatment modalities.? Learn and apply the 2021 changes in the NASW Code of Ethics in their professional practice. ? Demonstrate knowledge of concepts for non-clinical and clinical supervisors during role-play activities.

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