Course Detail: CE-0820 - GWO Sea Survival

This 1 day course is offered in cooperation with Relyon Nutec under their GWO approval. 

This course is designed to ensure that the delegates are able to demonstrate:
  •  knowledge of dangers and symptoms related to hypothermia and drowning. 
  • understanding of the advantages and limitations of the different Lifesaving Appliances (LSA), PPE and Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) commonly used offshore in the wind energy industry and are able to don and use them accordingly. 
  • safe transfer from vessel to dock, vessel to foundation and vessel to vessel. 
  • knowledge of the emergency and safety procedures on installations, vessels and WTG. 
  • knowledge of Search and Rescue (SAR) and Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). 
  • recovery and First Aid treatment of a "man over board". 
  • evacuation from "WTG" to water by means of "Constant Rate Descender" 
  • individual and collective survival techniques at sea

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