Course: Redtag Workshop: The Future of Digital Advertising (For Students)

Join Louisville's very own Redtag, a full-service branding and advertising agency, for this half-day workshop to learn about the future of digital advertising. In partnership with the UofL College of Business, this workshop will give you the opportunity to hear from the experts about social media, AI tools, best practices and so much more! We welcome both students and members of the business community. Light breakfast and lunch provided.

This workshop is a great opportunity for students to learn in-depth marketing knowledge that future business leaders need to succeed in the competitive workforce, and it's also a special opportunity to network with the business community.

Topics include:
  • The Future of Digital Advertising and Current Digital Landscape
  • Short-Form Content
    • Impact of Short-Form Content on Small Businesses
    • Anatomy of Reel/Short/TikTok video
    • Digital Best Practices & Creating a Roadmap to Success-Editing with CapCut
  • Generative AI
    • What is Generative AI? Evolution of AI
    • Exploring AI Tools-Demos of ChatGPT, MidJourney, Synthesia, etc.

This registration page is for current students only. We welcome students from any program or school. Please ensure that you register with a .edu email address.

Non-students please register at the following link: Redtag Workshop: The Future of Digital Advertising

Available Sessions

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