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We need braver leaders and more courageous cultures in order to be successful in today's complex, rapidly changing environment. Brave leadership is not an innate and immutable quality possessed only by the most exceptional among us, but rather a set of skills and behaviors that are teachable, observable, and measurable. Daring leadership requires that we stay curious, lean into difficult conversations, and be vulnerable instead of armoring up.The Dare to Lead? program dives into the future of leadership, ethical decision making and organizational success through the lens of bravery and courage by tackling the four skill sets of brave leadership: Rumbling with Vulnerability, Living into Our Values, BRAVING Trust and Learning to Rise.

Dare to Lead? is designed for ANYONE who is ready to embrace brave leadership, shed their armor and show up with their whole heart in their work and life. You, your team, and your organization will learn how to have tough conversations, address employees fears and feelings that show up during change and upheaval, build trust, identify personal values,reset after failure and so much more - all of which are meant to support leader agility, team effectiveness and culture change.

  • Identify a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people or processes and has the courage to develop that potential.
  • Learn that daring leadership requires four sets of skills that can be learned, observed and measured: rumbling with vulnerability, living into our values, braving trust and learning to rise.
  • Understand the role of courage and vulnerability in daring leadership
  • Learn how shame,scarcity and comparison show up in the workplace and how they affect engagement, trust and connection
  • Recognize the importance of emotional literacy for effective communication and connection
  • Differentiate between the characteristics of daring leadership and armored leadership
  • Learn how values operate in our professional lives and the role they play in integrity and daring leadership
  • Learn the daring leadership skills that help guide tough conversations including giving and receiving feedback
  • Develop an understanding of the elements of trust and how trust is built incrementally over time
  • How to reset after a setback or failure

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