Franchise Management: Leading Franchise Teams Proceed to Purchase

This course is self-paced, with about 8-10 hours of work that you can complete at any time during the week, including blog entries, quizzes, and interaction with other professionals.

Note: a minimum enrollment of 10 must be reached in order for the program to run.

This course is week 5 of the Online Franchise Management Bootcamp.

Learn strategies to drive high performance and keep top talent. Focus is on creating your own organizational culture, leveraging franchisor's training and development opportunities, creating development plans, building recognition programs and reducing turnover.

  1. Build your own brand including your mission, values, and culture, considering the franchisor's own set of values and culture.
  2. Identify and leverage your franchisor's training and development opportunities.
  3. Create development plans to drive performance and lead your team.
  4. Identify the differences among the generations and how best to lead each.
  5. Establish recognition programs to engage and retain your talent.
  6. Create strategies and leverage technology to reduce turnover in your business.

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