Franchise Management: Franchise HR Infrastructure

This course is self-paced, with about 8-10 hours of work that you can complete at any time during the week, including blog entries, quizzes, and interaction with other professionals.

Note: a minimum enrollment of 10 must be reached in order for the program to run.

This course is week 4 of the Online Franchise Management Bootcamp.

Understand the principles and practices of effective HR infrastructure design. Course will cover legal aspects of HR, creating job descriptions and setting pay levels, recruiting and hiring processes, onboarding and training programs, and retention initiatives.

  1. Build an overall HR infrastructure for any size of franchise.
  2. Understand the legalities of HR for a business.
  3. Develop job descriptions, job roles, and pay levels.
  4. Create a process to recruit and hire the best candidates.
  5. Engage and retain a strong workforce.
  6. Describe importance of a consistent process to manage individual performance including a collaborative goal setting process.

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