Franchise Management: Building a Profitable Relationship with your Franchisor Proceed to Purchase

This course is self-paced, with about 8-10 hours of work that you can complete at any time during the week, including blog entries, quizzes, and interaction with other professionals.

Note: a minimum enrollment of 10 must be reached in order for the program to run.

This course is week 6 of the Online Franchise Management Bootcamp.

Identify and evaluate strategies for growing a franchise business, including multi-branding, cross-branding, acquisitions, new builds and/or market growth. Specific attention will be paid to franchisor Key Performance Indicators, securing capital, pitfalls to rapid growth, and succession planning.

  1. Learn how to communicate effectively with the franchisor's corporate office, including adapting to ownership changes of your franchisor.
  2. Apply your franchisor's key performance indicators and how to maximize your performance.
  3. Explore growth opportunities including multi-branding, cross-branding, acquisitions, and new builds.
  4. Explore new markets including locations and site selection.
  5. Evaluate the options for securing additional capital needed for growth.
  6. Understand the strengths and pitfalls of rapid growth.
  7. Develop succession plans.

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