Course: Keynote: Practical Techniques for Breakthrough Innovation: Focus on What Really Matters

This free keynote event will introduce you to a guided process and ways to build out-of-the-box thinking that creates exceptional value for your customer and profitability for your organization. This presentation is an in-depth and practical overview of the principles that have guided companies for amazing innovation. Rami Goldratt will take you through the steps of product and customer evaluation, focused value-adding, building a business model, and how to plan for execution.

Plus, your attendance will open future opportunities for your organization to attend a 4-day workshop, training your teams on how to implement these high-impact principles.

Best of all, this guided approach makes innovation scalable for you and your organization.Join world-renowned TOC strategist Rami Goldratt as he presents practical techniques for leading your organization in breakthrough innovation. Improve profitability. Accelerate growth. Increase customer-value focused mindset based upon principles in the Theory of Constraints (TOC).

Innovation arises from a collaborative, systematic process that teams can use to overcome inertia and create the next breakthrough.

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