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Technology is changing. Society is changing. Business is changing. Are WE changing?

Innovation has become a necessity. Yet, in our workplaces, innovation is often driven by technological forces like ChatGPT or in response to societal events such as the recent pandemic. What if humans were more intentional about our own innovation? What if leaders committed themselves and their organizations to creating genuine cultures of innovation that maximized human potential. What if??

Join us for the University of Louisville's second annual Navigating Leadership Now Event at the Angel's Envy Bourbon Club within the L&N Credit Union Stadium on Wednesday, May 17th to address this year's theme: Humanizing Innovation. Join university and business leaders from across our community for this interactive and applied day of learning and problem-solving as we navigate questions and concepts to help you navigate the complexities of humanizing innovation with tangible and sustainable strategies.

What is the value of proactive human-led innovations? What prevents humans from innovating? How can leaders encourage humanized innovation? What are the challenges and benefits of strategic innovations in our modern workplaces?

Join us as we navigate these questions and others with leading Louisville experts!

This action-packed event features dynamic and exciting speakers from across the Louisville community with over 100 years of combined leadership experience, including:
  • Kathy Gosser (Director, Yum! Center for Global Franchise Excellent)
  • DeVone Holt (Vice President of External Affairs, Goodwill)
  • Raymond Green (Executive Director, College of Business)
  • Stephen Reilly (CEO, IMC Licensing)
  • Bobby Garrett (Director, Forcht Center for Entrepreneurship)
  • Karen Freberg (Director, The Bird's Nest Student Agency)
  • and Danita Taylor (CEO, LeaderShift Coaching)
Learn from each of these exciting speakers while networking with our community leaders and applying real-world insights throughout the day!

All participants will also be treated to a keynote lunch conversation with Adria Johnson (President and CEO Metro United Way), hosted by Ryan Quinn (University of Louisville) and sponsored by the Project for Positive Leadership!

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