Course Detail: PDEVTA - Elevating Values to Action: Interrupting to Create an Inclusive Workplace

At its core, a healthy and productive work environment is a space where we honor individuality and protect the dignity of all. There is a growing new norm in workplaces all over the country that acknowledges and celebrates humanity's many faces. However, a welcoming work culture is not the responsibility of one key leader or the HR department, it is a community concern. It requires buy-in at every level. When employees feel motivated and able to give voice to the values that define their organization, they can use their influence to translate ideals into manageable, daily actions.

When it comes to changing a culture, one of the most powerful things you can do is model the change (and specific behaviors associated with it) for others. The employees that go through this training and live this out will have an impact on their colleagues and help disseminate this message in your work climate.

One of the key benefits of this training is that it provides employees various ways to respond to difficult situations that is customized to their strengths and influence. By providing manageable, realistic tools to interrupt as well as low-risk opportunities to practice, participants are much more likely to contribute directly to an equitable and inclusive environment.

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