Speak Up and Lead! -Assertiveness Skills for Great Teams Proceed to Purchase

An overbearing and aggressive leader may get the job done in the short term, but at the cost of team morale and long-term productivity. On the other hand, a passive leader commands little respect and may find it difficult to get their work team to bring their best. Assertive leaders are able to get the job done without alienating their work team. Being assertive involves communicating confidently and directly without aggression and without violating the rights or boundaries of others.

 In this workshop, you will learn key skills to communicate and lead assertively, influence others, and express your needs and get them met.

 At the completion of the session, participants will be able to: 
  • Define assertiveness, aggressiveness, and passiveness
  • Identify their personal tendencies at work
  • Practice methods for speaking up without acting out
  • Develop a strategy for dealing with tough conversations

Available Sessions

Inquire about upcoming sessions at ExecEd@louisville.edu.