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This course is designed to help those in positions of management and leadership build the skills they need to excel at their job including leading teams and getting things done. During this course, you will gain self-awareness of who you are as a leader, your leadership and communication styles, and how to use that knowledge to accelerate your career. You will also learn how to build and manage teams, how to manage time and financial resources, and how to communicate effectively with your team members and others.

Who should attend this program
This course is designed for individuals who are in positions of leadership or management or who are about to be promoted into leadership positions. It will be helpful to those who have been promoted into a new role and need to learn how to manage others effectively, as well as those who have been in their current roles for some time and want to improve their skills at leading people.

Program Outline
This program consists of four half-day virtual sessions. Because adults learn best by applying what they have learned, you will receive specific on-the-job assignments to help you practice what you have learned between sessions. You will also receive a suggested reading list.

The four sessions included in the program are organized as follows:
  • Developing Yourself and Your Team
    Self-awareness is the foundation of leadership. It's important to understand yourself as a person and to understand your leadership and communication styles in order to be able to lead others successfully. This course will help you understand your leadership profile and leverage it to better lead from within. We will also help you discover what you need to be most effective as a leader. We will discuss best practices in leading and managing teams to achieve outstanding results.
  • Managing Time and Treasure
    Financial success is essential for the long-term survival of any organization. As managers, every decision you make impacts the use of time and financial resources. In this session, you will learn how to gather and interpret financial metrics, identify which of your organization's financial levers you are able to impact, and set goals and priorities for your team that drive toward organizational success. We will also discuss best practices in time management. You will receive the workbook "Creating Time" to help you better understand how to develop outstanding time management skills.
  • Managing People
    Even high-performing teams need to be led. In this session, you'll learn about the team development cycle and what leaders can do to create a feedback culture that can reduce burnout and help manage productive conflict. You'll also learn how to effectively delegate tasks so that your team is better organized and able to deliver better outcomes as a result.
  • Communicating with Clarity
    Poor communication is frequently cited as a primary cause of workplace failure. In this session, you will build effective communication skills such as listening actively and speaking clearly. You can also learn how to optimize your interpersonal relations by adapting to the person or group with whom you are communicating.

You will complete the ProScan Leadership Assessment prior to our first session and receive a personalized report on your cornerstone behavioral traits, decision-making process, and leadership and communication styles. This robust self-awareness tool will help you recognize and leverage your behavioral tendencies and serve as a scaffold for personal and professional growth.

"My experience with the UofL Transformative Leadership Course, first and foremost, was a feeling of gratitude. It was nice knowing that key members here at Flavorman were making an intentional investment into my future as a leader within the organization. Words of affirmation are great, but actions speak louder than words, and this is an excellent representation of the direction we are headed as a company.

The course was very well run, and Susan Rucker was an absolute rockstar of an instructor. I enjoyed her disposition and transparency, setting the stage for a very engaging educational environment. I learned a lot of invaluable skills during this course; a few that come to mind are delegation, time management, communication, budgeting, and an overall sense of self-awareness of my personality, leadership, and interactions with colleagues. Although it may take me years to adopt all the tools, tricks, and tips into my work routine, this class gave me a great understanding of how to work toward becoming a strong leader."

- Jordan Plappert, Marketing Manager at Flavorman

"This course has been a tremendous help to me and I know that I will be looking back on it for the rest of my career. I greatly appreciate everything you taught us, as you were also able to make things very practical and applicable to my own personal role and growth as a leader within Flavorman. I am very grateful that Flavorman gave me the opportunity to take this course and learn from you."

- Michael Ware, Regulatory Manager at Flavorman

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