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What comes to mind when you think of great leaders? You might think of the compassion and courage of Harriet Tubman; the resilience and decisiveness of Winston Churchill; or the integrity and commitment to justice of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Or you may think of a person in your own life who inspires you to strive toward excellence.

In any context, great leaders are those who stand out because they rise above; they are those who exhibit such exceptional qualities, or virtues, that they inspire others to follow their example. These are not innate and immutable traits of extraordinary people, but rather skills and conscious behaviors that any person can practice. Every circumstance provides an opportunity to exhibit particular virtues, and we can hone our sense of moral insight to identify the virtues relevant to the situation at hand.

Positive Leadership occurs when a person exhibits all of the virtues relevant in a given situation, and in so doing inspires others to follow in their example. Positive Leaders elevate those around them and plant the seeds for a culture of ethical excellence within their organizations.

In the Positive Leadership Certificate, learners develop skills for recognizing, comprehending, and transforming both challenging and routine situations so that the people involved can all achieve more excellence. You will be part of a community of learners who work together in real time, both within and outside of the classroom, to ensure that the concepts you learn in the classroom can be put into practice immediately in your workplace. By completing this program, you will cultivate the insight to inspire others and become a leader who elevates your organization and the people within it.

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