Course Detail: EDPLEP - Positive Leadership

Organizations tend to miss out on enormous potential. Managers fail to see opportunities, let alone take them. Employee skills, knowledge, and motivation goes unused because of they are misunderstood by each other and by their managers, or because they labor under poorly-designed cultures, policies, or systems. Customers and markets lie fallow for lack of insight.

Positive leadership begins with insight-the insight to see potential where others do not recognize it-and works through inspiration-the ability to motivate others to be their best selves at work because of the excellence of those who take initiative. Positive leadership helps organizations to claim unused potential.

The problem with leadership programs, however, is that very little of the training that occurs in them actually translates into changed behavior on Monday morning when people return to work. Therefore, we have created a new development system to help people apply the concepts that they learn in our programs at work, in real time, with almost no additional time requirements at work. They practice as they do the work they were already planning to do. We developed a telephone app, The Leadership Workoutę, which helps people to practice the principles they learn in our program.

Rather than send managers off to a multi-day program, we deliver our program in town so that they can attend for a few hours a week, for six weeks, and then, assisted by The Leadership Workoutę, they can practice what they learned so that their leadership becomes a part of who they are.

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