Course Detail: CCLTUW - Webinar - Leading Through Uncertainty: Responding to Critical Leadership Questions

COVID-19 has directly or indirectly increased uncertainty in every industry and organization around the world. This uncertainty has raised questions and concerns that leaders must address and manage daily. Sponsored by the University of Louisville's Executive Education Unit, this three-part webinar series will seek to answer our community's most pressing questions related to leadership, management, and communication from our experienced faculty and practitioners.

Topics and questions for the three sessions come from working professionals in the Louisville, KY community. Many of the issues discussed will address both current leadership strategies (during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic) along with approaches and strategies for businesses going forward. Panelists will share strategies, approaches and research related to pre-submitted questions and topics while fielding original questions from audience members toward the end of the allotted time. Each session will be hosted and moderated by UofL's Dr. Zachary Goldman from the College of Business.

Webinar 1 of 3: Strategy and Workplace Engagement
Tuesday, April 28
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Dr. Brad Shuck, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development, College of Education & Human Development
Dr Nat Irvin, Assistant Dean for Thought Leadership & Civic Engagement, College of Business

The first of three sessions will examine topics and questions related to leadership strategies and employee engagement. Dr. Brad Shuck and Dr. Nat Irvin will provide insight into the decisive daily decisions all leaders must currently make while also navigating uncertain and potentially volatile workplace conditions. The panelists will answer community-generated questions related to traversing this uncertainty while positioning employees to remain effectively engaged with their work. Relevant barriers and challenges facing leaders and employees will also be addressed with timely solutions.

Webinar 2 of 3: Learning and Adaptation
Monday, May 4

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Virginia Denny, Assistant Dean of Integrated Corporate Programs, College of Business
Vaughan Scott, Professor in Practice and ConsultMBA Curator, College of Business

The second of the three sessions will examine the necessary conditions and strategies to foster adaptive workplace teams. Virginia Denny and Vaughan Scott will discuss principles of learning that all leaders can integrate to create dynamic, malleable, and resilient teams that are better positioned and equipped to handle uncertainty. The panelists will answer learning-related questions about being mindful, managing stress, dealing with inflexible constraints, delegating opportunities and teaching management skills during times of crises and beyond.

Webinar 3 of 3: Communicating During Turbulence
Tuesday, May 12, 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
Dr. Kristen Lucas, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Business
Dr. Kathy Gosser, Director of Franchise Management Program, College of Business

The last of three sessions will explore topics and questions related to managing and communicating through turbulent times and the subsequent fallout. Managerial strategies are always executed via communication, but the importance of strategic messaging is even more critical during uncertain times. Dr. Kristen Lucas and Dr. Kathy Gosser will discuss specific strategies for effectively communicating during Covid and beyond. These panelists will respond to workplace questions about communicating recognition, trust, and difficult news while addressing applied situations including how to mitigate uncertainty and reduce stress via strategic messaging. Challenges impeding leaders and their communication will also be discussed.

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